Depressed dog spends two years in shelter before reunited with owner

For two long years, the tender little dog, Pakita, looked forward to the moment when a family would finally adopt her and take her home, but she was always ignored.

Pakita was left at the Arca Animal shelter in Argentina, by a person who said she found her wandering the streets two years ago.

Pakita was received with open arms by volunteer Silvia Ferreyra and her colleagues but the dog was still sad and very socially withdrawn.

The families who visited the refuge in search of pets to adopt ignored her, opting for younger and happier puppies. Follow us on Twitter @amomama_usa.

Ferreyra said: "People prefer puppies. So she stayed with us two whole years."

What they did not know, was that Pakita already had a home and a best friend who deeply misses her, as revealed by a video that recently went viral.

Pakita was so depressed that even taking a picture of her was difficult. She was always hiding and turning, even when Ferreyra just tried to caress her.

However, the caregivers did not give up on her. And one day, they managed to take a decent photo of the dog, publishing it online on adoption lists.

"Immediately, we received a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son's and that they had been looking for her!" Ferreya told the same source. 

The woman's son, Ariel Naveira, had practically lost all hope of seeing his beloved dog again. She ran away from home a couple of years ago. Despite an exhaustive search, they never saw her again.

Could she really be the same dog?

The next day, Naveira arrived to confirm if it really was his lost pet.  When they met, the dog was withdrawn as usual. 

But that soon changed. After cautiously approaching, Pakita recognized the familiar scent and burst out with a bliss she had not shown in years. Ferreyra said: 

"From that point, there was no doubt." 

"It was beautiful. I was sad to have lost her, but recovering her was spectacular, there are no words to describe it."

The case reminds us of video footage showing Charlie the beagle greeting his owner when he returned home after traveling for 18 months.

He is seen jumping up to the man and howling without a stop while wagging his tail. It is clear that the dog missed his owner immensely and is overcome with emotions as he reunites with his favorite human being.

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