Dallas mom outraged, demands school employee to be fired after allegedly calling son a 'monkey'

An enraged Dallas mom is asking for a school staff to be fired from her son’s school after the woman allegedly called the 5-year-old a “monkey” and related the word to his physical appearance.

Brittany Miner is asking for justice after her son was subjected to a racist comment from a member of the staff at the Edna Rowe Elementary School, according to her recount of the situation. Miner wants the employee to be permanently removed from her position and is asking the Dallas Independent School District to intervene.

Source: YouTube/CBSDFW

Source: YouTube/CBSDFW

Miner told CBS that she was with her son when the incident happened. “He was jumping around, playing, 5-year-old kid behavior,” she explained. “As she approached us and got closer she was like ‘oh he’s running around, he’s like a little monkey.’”

Offended but willing to give the teacher the benefit of the doubt, Miner asked the woman not to call her son like that, but she insisted “Oh look at his little face,” a comment Miner believes is offensive and an apparent jab at her son’s skin color.

“That lets me know that she doesn’t have any regard to what she was saying to people of color,” Miner said.

The mom of one hired a lawyer to help her make the complaint of the incident that took place three weeks ago. “We want to make sure that an employee like that is not around children of color or children in general,” attorney Justin Moore stated.

Source: YouTube/CBSDFW

Source: YouTube/CBSDFW

He added that, if the school and the Dallas ISD don’t take the necessary measures to terminate the employee, he is considering filing a civil rights lawsuit.

A DISD spokesperson revealed that the employee had been placed on paid leave as an investigation of the case is on the works. Meanwhile, said employee couldn’t be reached for comment.

This is not the first time this year that a kid of color is denigrated for their appearance at school.


In August, sixth-grader Faith Fennedy was asked to leave her school for allegedly breaking the school’s dress code with her hair extensions. A video shared by her family to accuse the Christ the King Elementary School, in Terryton, Louisiana, of excluding the girl because of her appearance went viral, causing an uproar on social media.

In the clip, a very upset Faith is seen leaving the school in tears, as her family tries to console her. Fennedy got the support of people from all across the world, and her negative experience was turned into a positive one when Protect & Gamble flew her to New York to attend BET’s “Black Girls Rock” as part of their “My Black is Beautiful” campaign.

And most recently, Clinton Stanley, an African American father from Apopka, Florida, filed a lawsuit against A Book’s Christian Academy after they singled out his son C.J for wearing dreads.

“It’s not right for a school to take taxpayer dollars while singling out and shaming natural black hair. On behalf of my son and other black children in my community, I’m urging the Florida Department of Education to hold A Book’s Christian Academy accountable,” shared Clinton in a statement.

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