Beyoncé accused of cultural appropriation for wearing Indian outfit in performance at a wedding

Beyoncé recently performed at the wedding of Isha Ambani. However, her outfit for the performance caught the attention of internet users and Beyoncé was accused of 'cultural appropriation'.

The 37-year-old "Lemonade" singer performed for guests at the star-studded pre-wedding festivities of Isha Ambani. Isha is the daughter of India's richest man.

Isha married Anand Piramal, the son of another Indian billionaire, in Udaipur. Her father decided the best way to celebrate the union was to have Beyoncé perform at the wedding.

The stunning singer took to Instagram to share the amazing experience. She posted a series of photos showing off the unique outfit she wore.

For her performance, the singer who recently renewed her own vows with her husband Jay Z donned a traditional red-and-gold Indian ensemble. It included a gold headpiece and jewelry.

She paired the look with her signature simple but flawless makeup. Her hair was styled in long brunette curls to complete her look.

While the singer looked stunning some people found her outfit choice offensive. Many took to Twitter to express their thoughts.

Some people took the star's outfit as an act of appropriating Indian or Hindi culture. Others suggested that because she is "Beyoncé", the appropriation was being ignored.

The pictures and comments eventually sparked heated debates. Many compared situations that occurred with other stars and called people out on the double standard.

"Other artists: "cultural appropriation"

Beyonce: "queen of India" wrote one Twitter user.

Beyoncé looks absolutely stunning in a new set of pics from Isha Ambani pre-wedding party!

However, other users saw nothing wrong with the outfit. Some simply admired how beautiful she looked in the outfit.

"These pictures are enough to prove that #Beyonce can slay in pretty much anything." Tweeted one user who supported her outfit choice.

Beyoncé's fans immediately jumped to the star's defense. May argued that Bey was actually paying homage to the country.

They pointed out that she was invited to their space by the family. They continued to argue that if she refused to adhere to the cultural requirements of the ceremony it would be far more disrespectful and offensive.

"Definitely fueled by anti blackness and jealousy, as are most critiques of Beyoncé. This tweet screams “she can’t do it if I can’t!” People who can’t stay in their lane fail to realize the wide line between cultural appropriation and becoming culturally literate to pay respect." read one tweet in Beyonce's support.

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