Fans are 'done' with 'The Voice' after Adam Levine’s new comments about DeAndre’s elimination

Adam Levine finally speaks out on last week's controversial elimination of DeAndre Nico.

Adam Levine's partisan support of one of his artists over another has outraged "The Voice" fans and they have been sharing their indignation on Twitter.

The heat is on after the Maroon 5 singer, who had two singers in jeopardy of being eliminated, callously backed one over the other - and DeAndre Nico was sent home at the end of the night.

"Adam really screwed things up. Public apology to Deandre would be the right thing to do. Oh but wait, Adam isn't a man. He is a mouse. #thevoice."

JoEllen Roache‏, Twitter, December 11, 2018.


The bitter objections center on the fact that Adam backed a singer who wasn't present at the show, Reagan Strange who was sick, over DeAndre Nico.

Like fathers, "The Voice" coaches should never play favorites, or so the fans believe, with thousands of comments on social media showing how angry they really are. So much so, that Levine has been forced to comment on the incident.

Source: Twitter/@DeneenLinka

Source: Twitter/@DeneenLinka

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Source: Twitter/@chocolatedropz1

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Source: @JoEllenRoache1

One of the messages that come through loud and clear in the thousands of comments criticizing Levine on social media, is that "The Voice" coach needs to apologize publicly to DeAndre.


In an obvious effort to pour oil over troubled waters, "The Voice's" Top 8 episode on December 10, showed footage of Levine and Strange Facetiming DeAndre, to which the Maroon 5 frontman added:

"It was a strange week, but it's over now. DeAndre's my boy. I love him. We talked."


The eliminated contestant was bewildered by the turn of events and naturally angered by what he felt was a betrayal by someone he had trusted to be impartial.

"It was just weird, 'cause I just felt like, I'm not being rude, I just felt like [Levine] sold me out, you know? And I just don't respect it. Just being honest."

DeAndre Nico 


One of the messages that come through loud and clear in the thousands of comments criticizing Levine on social media, is that "The Voice" coach needs to apologize publicly to DeAndre.

Critics feel that the fact that Levine didn't openly admit he made a mistake has upset fans more than the actual "betrayal."

Others felt that Levine's showing of a clip he and Strange volunteering with "Toys for Tots" to help victims of the California wildfires was blatantly manipulative.

Ironically, It was all for nothing. Reagan Strange was eliminated, leaving Kennedy Holmes, Kirk Jay, Chris Kroeze, and Chevel Shepherd vying for the top spot.

Read more on Twitter Amomama USA.


While the controversy raged among the fans, "The Voice" coaches Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson, and Blake Shelton picked up the mikes and did a bit of singing of their own.

The four did an a capella medley of some of their signature songs accompanied by Jimmy Fallon and hip-hop band The Roots.

Clarkson sang “Stronger” and “Miss Independent,” for Levine chose “She Will Be Loved,” Hudson belted out“Spotlight,” and Shelton rapped out “She Has a Way With Words.” The video has garnered nearly a million views in under 48 hours.

In a related story, award-winning singer and songwriter, Mariah Carey, will be joining "The Voice" as an advisor. 

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