Basketball coach's passionate sign language pep talk went viral in 2018

A basketball coach motivating his team of deaf players earns the thumbs up of netizens after his remarkable speech went viral.   

Coach Sekoe White of the Mississippi School for the Deaf wasn’t about to allow his basketball team to go down without a fight so he did what he knew best – motivated them to succeed.

During the team’s heated game against Jackson Preparatory School, White was forced to pull out his best player so he could have a pep talk with him. The coaching moment was captured on video and it was truly inspiring. 


Using his expert skills in sign language, White urged his frustrated player to step up. He also addressed the whole team, passionately signing offensive strategies and reiterating to them the importance of defense. At the end of his speech, he asked the players “Whose house?” to which they responded, “Ours.”  That seemed to get the players all hyped up. 

Witnesses of the encounter were amazed at White’s dedication and it proved to be worthwhile. His team returned to the court inspired and his best player delivered. The team lost with a score of 49-40 but it had already won in many people’s eyes. They have an outstanding coach who’s dedicated to them and will certainly lead them to victory in the future. 



Coach White is one of many mentors whose dedication to their students go beyond winning. What he did was push his players so they could be the best they could be. This could also be said of a teacher of used his passion for music to instill confidence in his students with Down Syndrome. Robert Mullen realized that his students’ interest in music could be cultivated so he jammed with them using his guitar-playing talent and discovered how gifted one of his students was. Their cover of “Chasing Cars” became a viral hit and now Robert has expanded his studio to accommodate more students. 

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