Remember James Evans from 'Good Times'? He is 77 & has 2 adult kids who look like him

John Amos was a protective father on screen, but in real life, he’s more like a good friend to his two adult children. And even though the siblings couldn’t be more different, they have something in common: a huge love and respect for their dad.

In 1965, almost ten years before getting the role of James Evan in “Good Times,” Amos married to artist and equestrian Noel Mickelson, with whom he had two kids: daughter Shannon and son K.C. Amos and Mickelson divorced ten years later when the actor was at the peak of his television career.

But despite his separation from the mother of his kids, Amos made sure to always be on the children’s lives, and now that they’re grown up, the pair is grateful for all they learned from their dad.

However, Shannon and K.C couldn’t be more different.

She’s a writer, producer and content creator that spend 20 years in the entertainment industry working with some of the most prestigious companies and brands like BET, ESPN, MTV, and Warner Bros, where she was the executive producer of multi-million dollar ad campaigns, including Academy Award-winning films such as "Blood Diamond," "Letters from Iwo Jima," and "Good Night and Good Luck."

Now, Shannon has taken a different path in her life. A few years ago she decided to take a spiritual sabbatical and start traveling around the world. On her journey, Shannon discovered a world of wonders that she chose to share with people through a wellness and healing community.

She studied Yoga and meditation in India and is now a certified yoga instructor; she also studied Reiki Healing in Bali. After her self-discovery, Shannon founded In Flow Media, “to give you the information, programs, and experiences you need to live a joyful life.”

K.C Amos, on the other hand, is a director and actor, known for “Syphon Gun,” “Huntsville,” and “Tamales and Gumbo.” However, these days he has shifted his career to music, playing drums, keyboard and other instruments with a band.

“I would have to say that the most amazing thing about my dad as a father is that he has taught me to discover my passion, develop it, and give it back in a way that will hopefully make a difference to the lives of others. For that, he is my hero,” K.C wrote in a heartfelt blog entry for Black America Web a few years ago.

John is undoubtedly a proud father that doesn’t have reserves when it comes to hanging out with his children and making sure they’re happy.

Both Shannon and K.C have described Amos as a selfless and loving father, proving that he lives up to the audience’s expectations created by James Evans.

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