Kandi Burruss mommy-shamed for letting son get his hair braided & edges laid

Aby Rivas
Dec 13, 2018
02:17 P.M.
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Fans harshly slammed Kandi Burruss after posting a video of her son Ace getting his hair braided. The reality TV star and her stylist were questioned for laying down the boy’s baby hairs, as people believe he looks like a girl.


Kandi Burruss is under fire after sharing a video on Instagram of her 2-year-old son getting cornrows. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star explained that, since Ace has so much hair, it was difficult for her to braid it, so she took him to a professional.


However, people questioned how professional the stylist was, as she can be seen brushing the boy’s hair down on his forehead, a style that people usually put on girls.


Upset fans let Kandi have it in the comment section:

"@teapot_gossip: Why put baby hair on a lil boy confused af.”

"@shathenurse32: Why she laying his edges down? That is a lol boy right?"


“@raefea: Why???? That is a boy why why is she slickin down his baby hair like that OMG!"

"@runningmyra_ceI thought that was a girl...why would they give this baby edges. Help us, LORD.”

On the other hand, some of Kandi’s supports came to the comment section to fight back, praising little Ace for his good looks and asking people to mind their own business.


"@sebrineheadan: Really handsome little fella."

"@riveranatosha: Aww he's so handsome."


"@msbadazzpat: To each his own. [Nowadays] you can't tell some females from males. However, she and her husband wishes for their son's hair to look is their business. Me myself I would have cut all that hair off gave my son a nice short haircut and lined him up. But again to each his own."

“@glpack_: Y’all mad bc he has more hair then Y'all? Or mad mad bc he has more hair then y’all daughters?”


Kandi, of course, ignored all the unnecessary hate and remains unbothered raising her children how she pleases and not letting outsiders’ opinions get in the way.


The Xscape singer revealed a few months ago that she and husband Todd Tucker are ready to welcome baby number 2 in their home, but this time around, they will use a surrogate. However, the process has not been easy for the couple, as Burruss revealed to Hollywood Life a few days ago.


“Well, we’re about to start the treatments to go ahead and to do the transfer,” Kandi said. “Because you have to go through a psychological review for the potential carrier and yourself, and obviously, we have to negotiate a contract.”

Surrogacy is unexplored territory for Kandi, and she discovered during the psychological side of the journey that there is a lot to process. “The whole thing now is ‘her body, our baby.’ So, it’s a lot to think about,” she explained.

“It’s already scary for us to go into this, but the more and more questions and different things that the counselor brings up to you before they approve you moving forward, it’s just things that I didn’t even think about.”


Kandi added that her doctor suggested they go with a surrogate that has done it before but is not that easy to find one that lives in the same state. And even if it happens, there has to be a connection and level of comfortability between the two parts to continue the process.

“You’ll have to watch the show, but luckily, Dr. Jackie, she helped us through the process,” said Burruss.