McDonald's reportedly rolling out cheesy bacon fries in 2019

Oyin Balogun
Dec 13, 2018
04:57 P.M.
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It's Hallelujah choruses for foodies across the nation as the fast food giant, McDonald's, has decided to launch their new fries recipe which is said to contain French fries, cheddar cheese sauce and bacon bits.


Recent reports have it that the world renowned fast food giant, McDonald's, is set to release what some have termed a holy trinity which is a perfect combination of cheese, bacon, and fries.


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Though the McDonald's website hasn't given so much information about the dish, a source confirms that the new recipe would be coming out fully in 2019.

An insider revealed that some stores have already added the fries lushness to their menu and serving to customers, particularly stores in Hawaii and Northern Carlifonia. They started selling the cheesy bacon fries in November.


There is a lot of hush hush on the topic, a MacDonald employee refused to disclose more information regarding the nitty gritty of the new recipe, he stated “we're not ready to share the gouda news.”

The worker further stated his concerns about the confusion the new recipe may cause in the process of staff learning to make it; he claims the new dish has a new type of bacon.

Customers who were lucky to have gotten a bite of the new cheesy bacon fries have taken to the internet to display their delight in their adventurous food hunt.


Pictures and comments have been rolling in and some of these pictures may nearly make you bite your screen hard!

This Instagram foodie couple who post pictures of their food adventures together posted a picture of the new McDonald's cheesy bacon fries. And it wasn't long before people starting commenting on the post.


Here are a few comments made by customers who were pleasantly surprised by the new cheesy delight:


Obviously, McDonald's has struck a lovely chord in the food department and a lot of customers are looking forward to 2019 when the cheesy bacon fries will be served nationwide.

McDonald's has served this recipe in various forms in other countries like Spain and Canada and also tested various fries in the United States for years. This included the limited time offer of Loaded Bacon and Cheese Basket of Fries across the states then in 2017.

Come 2019, McDonald's will be dishing out the Cheesy Bacon Fries and the food world is already waiting with anticipation.

Another McDonald's special that has made a comeback is the Holiday Pie. The company recently confirmed the return of the seasonal delicacy on its Twitter account.

It gladdens the heart to know that one can enjoy the Holiday Pie while waiting for the cheesy bacon fries which will rock the food world.