February 01, 2019

Father-of-three was left paralyzed for 8 months after eating chicken curry

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Sometimes illness can strike even the fittest and healthiest of people. David Braham, a 40-year-old fitness obsessed driving instructor and father of three from Cardiff recently discovered this.

David had a student who was busy taking their driving test and he felt hungry. He decided to get a takeaway Chinese chicken curry.

The evening after eating it David began to feel queasy and eventually the sickness developed into him feel trapped in his body.

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Four days after eating the curry David was rushed to the Princess Wales Hospital. He stayed in the hospital for six days and was treated with antibiotics.

Within a day of being discharged, he returned to the hospital because could not move. Tests were conducted and doctors diagnosed him with a rare disease called Guillain-Barré Syndrome.


This disease is caused by food poisoning and causes muscles to lock and degenerate. David was placed in an induced coma for four months with assisted breathing, as his muscles were not letting him breathe naturally.

His children could not see him during this time and several months later he regained his walking abilities. David looks forward to spending Christmas with his family.



Despite chicken curry’s ability to paralyze those who eat it, it is still a dish that is served in hospitals, especially in Sweden.

Swedish hospitals serve its patients a meal of chicken curry, rice, vegetables, an orange, and a glass of water.



This is considered a balanced meal as none of it is too rich or unhealthy for those recovering from various diseases.


A 39-year-old man from London, Mr. Cheema, was killed by eating a vegetarian curry which he claims was laced with Wolfsbane by a lady who is jealous of his fiancee.

The women, Mrs. Singh, has made it known that she is jealous of Gurjeet Choough, who is Mr. Cheema’s fiancee.

This is not the first time that Mrs. Singh has tried to poison the couple via their food.


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