Woman determined to achieve the world’s biggest bottom

Dec 15, 2018
05:54 P.M.
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Plastic surgery has been a craze for quite a while and keeps being updated as people discover new ways of surgically enhancing their bodies. One Serbian woman plans to take this to the extreme.


Serbian-born model, Natasha Crown, is a contestant on the latest season of the reality television show “Botched.”

The show centers around people who have had negative results from plastic surgeries and have it repaired by Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif.

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Natasha has a plan to one day have the world’s biggest bum, thanks to plastic surgery. She has already undergone multiple surgeries to reach her goals, including three butt lifts.

She has also had fat from other parts of her body removed and placed inside her buttocks. To obtain an all-over curvy figure, Natasha has also had a boob job, lip fillers, and cheekbone enlargement.


Her reason for being on “Botched” is because she feels insecure about the shape of her breasts and would like the doctors to make them more perky and bigger.

When asked what her end goal is Natasha said:

“My goal is to have world's biggest bum and nothing's gonna stop me from achieving my goal."



Natasha is not the only person seeking surgery to overcome breast-related insecurities. A single mother of eight from the UK, Marie Buchan, plans to do this using welfare money.


Marie, also known as Octomum, would like to improve her confidence by increasing her breast size from 34B to 36DD. She has no job and lives off welfare checks meant to support her eight children.

The British public was outraged to hear what they would be spending their tax money on. The surgery will be conducted in Turkey, which also brings travel costs into consideration.