20+ lifehacks for people over 50 that will make your life so much easier

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 21, 2018
04:25 A.M.
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When you are over 50 years old, going about life may not be as easy as it used to be. But there are always ways to make life a little better.


Here are some life hacks to help you navigate middle age with more ease.

1. It’s a fact: As we grow old, we become more forgetful. Hence, when going to the mall, it would be helpful to take a photo with your phone of where you park your car.

2. Old age also means an aging body. It is highly recommended to use your phone to take a photo of a list of all the medications used by relatives in your care. It comes in handy in case of an emergency.

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3. Want to stay photogenic despite your age? Stick your neck out and tuck your chin down when posing for the camera. That will rid your turkey neck in photos.

4. Here’s another tip from a photographer: Squint your eyes a little to make your smile look bigger in photos.

5. Color coding at home can do wonders. Use nail polish to paint a colored dot on the end of your keys to help you remember which one unlocks what (ex. green for the front door, red for back door).


6. Kitchen work can be literally back-breaking, especially if you are over 50 years old. So you don’t have to crawl under the sink, use a hanging shoe rack to store cleaning supplies inside the pantry door.

7. Old age comes with hearing troubles. To make sure your alarm clock jolts you awake, set the alarm on your smartphone and put it in an empty glass near your bed. That will amplify the sound.

8. Take advantage of technology to remember who borrows what from you. When a friend borrows a tool or book, snap a photo of them holding it.


9. Here’s a tip to keep you hydrated: Mark the side of your water bottle by hours so that you can keep track of what you’ve had to drink.

10. Buying groceries can be stressful for people over 50. To minimize the stress of accounting for home supplies, take a photo of the inside of your refrigerator to help you remember what you need at the grocery store.

11. Poor eyesight can lead to accidents. To avoid tripping over at home, use the clasps of an old skirt hanger to keep your cords from tangling.


12. Area rugs can cause accidents, too. Use two-sided tape keep them in place.

13. Better yet, replace your aging parents’ area rugs with wall-to-wall carpeting to minimize falls.

14. It is highly advised to buy a well-made foldout cot instead of a pullout sofa when you downsize your house.


15. Problem with eye puffiness? Use cold cucumbers, which contain antioxidants that are thought to reduce irritation, while the cooling effect reduces swelling.

16. Temperature can be an enemy. You should carry a big scarf all the time as you might find yourself in overly air-conditioned restaurants, movies, and airplanes. It can also be used for sun protection at beaches and outdoor cafes.

17. If you have extra money, do give charitable donations as gifts. Don’t just spend on shopping. Helping others promotes well-being.


18. If you want to look your best at a big event, head over to the department store makeup counter for a makeover with their products. Buy the least expensive item and tell them you’ll think about the rest.

19. If you are embarrassed over your smelly shoes, try sticking a dry teabag in each shoe overnight. It will help to reduce the odor.

20. Directions can be confusing. Here’s a highway sign tip: If the exit sign is on the left of the sign, the exit itself will be on the left. If it’s on the right, the exit will be on the right.

21. Using a rental car can be challenging. Look at the little icon for the gas pump. The direction the gas handle is pointing is the side where you put your gas in.


22. A nightlight will be helpful when you stay in hotels. Have it with you when traveling. Finding your way to the bathroom in the dark in an unfamiliar territory can be a challenge for anyone.

23. To fight illnesses, have a small vial of hand sanitizer always attached to the outside of your purse. Escalators, elevator buttons, door handles are laden with germs.

24. This is essential: Make your own emergency first aid kit by stuffing into an old prescription bottle: two bandages, a tiny sample of antibiotic ointment and some nitroglycerin tablets (if you have a heart condition).

25. Stressed over leaking ice packs? A frozen wet sponge in a Ziploc bag is the answer to your problem.