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Meet Ricky Nelson's Grown-up Twin Sons Gunnar and Matthew Who Look Just like Him

Ksenia Novikova
Jul 12, 2021
09:46 A.M.
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Ricky Nelson is a father to twins who look just like him and have also followed in his footsteps. 36 years after the musician's death, his sons continue to honor him in different ways. 


Gunnar and Matthew Nelson, Ricky Nelson’s twins, previously opened up about a meaningful talk they had with their dad in 1985. To this day, the twins still claim their late father inspires them, even though it has already been over 36 years since his tragic death.

On December 31, 1985, Ricky, his fiancèe, and his band members were onboard a plane when it crashed after experiencing mechanical issues. He was on the way to a concert when the awful incident occurred. 


According to Gunnar and Matthew, that same year, their father had gone to one of their gigs when they were 18 years old. There, they had an unforgettable conversation that marked them for life. 

Through the years, both Gunnar and Matthew have found ways to continue honoring their father.

Ricky Nelson for the film "The Wackiest Ship in the Army" | Source: Wikimedia Commons


According to the proud sons, their father had this to say after their gig: 

“I not only love you as my sons, but I admire you as my peers.”


This came out of the blue, which must have surprised the two teenagers at the time. They both agreed that it was a defining moment for them, as they regarded the man as both their "dad and our musical hero." A month later, Ricky passed away, aged 45.

Given that the conversation with their father was surprising for them, they couldn't help but wonder if he had a premonition about losing his life soon. Regardless, his sons kept his words close to their hearts and continue to remember them up until today. 


Through the years, both Gunnar and Matthew have found ways to continue honoring their father. Along with tours of their own music, they do special "Ricky Nelson Remembered" concerts, performing his top hits. 

According to Matthew, the concert is an "ongoing labor of love, an open letter to our dad, who was our best friend." The twins curated the songs of their father and performed them for fans, recently continuing the tour after the Covid-19 pandemic halted it for months. 


"Ricky Nelson Remembered" is a two-hour show that walks fans through the stories behind his songs with videos featuring several music icons. While the twins acknowledged they didn't have to do the show, they revealed that they actually want to.

Music is in the Nelson blood, and it's likely to continue on to the next generation. Apart from the twins and their father Ricky, their grandfather Ozzie was also a chart-topper. Matthew's young son, also named Ozzie, is already beginning to learn to play the drums and is on the path of becoming a musician as well. 

The same way Elvis Presley has cemented his name as a rock 'n' roll great, Ricky Nelson has done the same. Thanks to his loving sons, his name continues to be introduced to younger generations that are beginning to learn about his music.