Diddy celebrates daughters’ 12th birthday with ‘80s-themed party 1 month after Kim Porter's death

P. Diddy made sure to put a smile on his twin daughters' faces during their advanced birthday party. Their mother Kim Porter died a month ago and her birthday also falls on the same weekend as the 80's-themed fete on wheels.

Life must go on for Diddy and his children with Kim Porter who died last month. On their twin daughters 12th birthday, he threw her an 80’s-themed party. 


It’s going to be a bittersweet birthday for P.Diddy’s twins D’Lila and Jessie Combs who turn 12 on December 21. Their mother, Kim Porter, just passed away last month. But their father made sure they still had a grand time by throwing them an advanced birthday fete with an 80’s theme. 

The event was held at L.A.’s World on Wheels where guests were treated to some roller skating fun. Diddy showed up wearing a neon “Sean C” sweatshirt after explaining on his Instagram the reason for the advanced celebration. He said it was due to the holiday rush with guests usually traveling that time. 

'Headed to my baby girl's birthday party. The twins are turning 12 and we're having a party for them. Their birthday is actually on the 21st, but people go away for the holidays so we are having an early birthday party.”


More importantly, a day after the celebration was “Kim Porter Day” according to Diddy. The late model would have turned 48 on December 16, a month after she died. 

“Their mother's birthday is tomorrow. Tomorrow is Kim Porter Day Worldwide. We're only gonna go up with the Grace of God.”

“Thank you for all the prayers and support. I'm just happy my girls are smiling, happy and healthy,” he concluded.   


On November 15, Kim was found dead in her home after suffering from the flu and pneumonia. The L.A. County Coroner is still currently trying to figure out her exact cause of death. 


Meanwhile, the twins’ pre-birthday celebration turned out to be a blast with the likes of Kim Kardashian in attendance. She shared footage from the event revealing her roller skating skills.  

Diddy also posted photos of the birthday celebrants along with their half-sister Chance Combs and another female friend. The twins’ 80’s ensembles comprised of matching white T-shirts, fluero tights, and leg warmers.

If only their mother could see them. It’s a good thing their devoted father made sure to put smiles on their faces that day. 

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