Family blames Trump's travel ban for delaying mom from seeing dying 2-year-old son

A two-year-old boy named Abdullah Hassan has been kept away from his mother, Shaima Swileh, by Donald Trump's travel ban.

The child, who is gravely ill, has been on life support at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in Oakland for the past month and the family is getting desperate.    As reported by KBCW, Abdullah's father, Ali Hassan, claims that his wife cries every day because she is unable to travel to the United States to be by her son's side.

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Abdullah was born with a brain condition that caused him to have weekly seizures and Ali is concerned that his wife may not be able to see their son one last time.

"It’s separating family – literally separating family from each other. Right now, there’s no parent supposed to go through what I’m going through–nobody. I’m just doing my best, I do what I can.”

Ali Hassan, KBCW, December 16, 2018


Much like his son, Ali is a U.S. citizen and currently lives in Stockton but Swileh is a Yemeni national living in Egypt, one of the countries target by the U.S. President.

Trump's ban applies to the majority of Muslim nations, which keeps its people from entering the U.S. That is what is separating Swileh from her dying son.

Abudallah was brought to America by his father back in October and that was the last time mother and son saw each other. Now, the family is waiting for the U.S. State Department to process Swileh's request for a waiver so she can enter the country.

"It’s separating family – literally separating family from each other."

It's a race against the clock because, according to Ali, his son 'can't breathe and his eyes have been literally shutting down for almost two weeks already, and all you can see is the life support giving him air.'


Recently, Trump's measures to keep immigrants out of the country have resulted in the death of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl after she was arrested by the Border Patrol.

The girl, namedJakelin Amei Rosmery Caal Maquin, fled from an impoverished Guatemalan village and illegally crossed the border with dreams of having her first toy and learning to read and write.

Instead, Maquin spent eight hours locked up, afraid and alone and passed away in a Texas hospital two days later of shock and dehydration.

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