Dog tied to a tree and left to die is rescued by passing cyclists

A group of cyclists was biking near some woods near Oporto, in Valongo, Portugal, when they heard the whining of a dog and didn’t hesitate in helping the poor abandoned animal.

This case shows that some human beings are heartless and that animal cruelty is a real problem all around the world. On this occasion, the victim was a dog who was tied to a tree to let him die without mercy.

The poor dog was dying, thirsty and hungry, when a group of cyclists passing by saved him.

When the athletes passed by the side of the road, they heard the weeping of the animal and located where the laments came from. The dog was distrustful of humans, so the men had to be careful in their approach. Two of the men approached the dog slowly, trying to pet him and offering him soothing words.

Source: Facebook/ PACMA - Partido Animalista

Source: Facebook/ PACMA - Partido Animalista

Then, they offered him food to calm him down, and after the animal seemed to relax, they managed to free him from his bonds.

The dog was tied in a way that he couldn’t even lay down to rest and was so malnourished that his ribcage was visible. Who knows how long the poor dog was there starving and slowly reaching his last breath.

After being rescued by the cyclists, the dog was taken care of by local firemen. And according to one of the cyclist, the dog is now with a kind family that will give him the love he deserves.

Without the intervention of the men, the abandoned animal would not have survived.


On a similar story, the rescuer and rescued had inverted roles.

A man was cycling through the mountains in Romania when he fell and broke his clavicle, stranded by the pain and not able to move on, the man was left in the middle of the road to face the cold temperatures of the mountains.

However, when first responders from the county of Caras Severin arrived to rescue the man, they discovered he wasn’t alone. A dog was with him, keeping him warm.

“When the cyclist fell and remained laying on the road, a dog came from the woods and laid beside the victim as if to warm him with its body," officials said. "When we arrived, the dog didn’t leave his side and remained there until the ambulance arrived.”

It was not clear if the dog had been living in the mountains or was recently abandoned there, but his willingness to help a stranger made him a hero. And he was treated as such.

Both the injured cyclist and the dog were rescued and put to safety. And after sharing the story, the pup found a family that was willing to give him a home for the rest of his days.

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