Star of Vengeance: woman shares how she took revenge on a mean customer before Christmas

Rebelander Basilan
Dec 24, 2018
10:44 P.M.

Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf recalled the time she bought all star ornaments in North Alabama as a revenge.


The writer and food photographer took to Facebook to share about the hilarious story that happened when she was working at a local retail store 17 years ago.

She posted a photo of her favorite star-shaped Christmas decoration and captioned it with a story about her encounter with a rude customer.

Her revenge played out more the next day when the customer returned as she had promised.

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At the time, the retail store she was working at had a post-Christmas sale. All their ornaments were reduced to 75 percent off, with the star ornaments priced at 50 cents.

"A terrible woman (dressed to the nines and driving a high-end Lexus, so pretty well off) came into the store and wanted four star ornaments, but wanted to pay only 25 cents a piece,” she wrote.

Source: Facebook/Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf

Source: Facebook/Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf

She said no because they were not at a yard sale. That’s when the woman started arguing with her, “becoming increasingly rude and belligerent.”


Sarah stood her ground. The customer finally gave up, saying: “My friend works at the other store in Huntsville and she told me that all the tournaments will be 90 percent off tomorrow, so I’ll just come back in the morning.”


Sarah told her that she couldn’t guarantee the ornaments would still be available the next day.

Source: Facebook/Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf

Source: Facebook/Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf

The rude woman replied: “There are 12 in the store. No one is going to buy all 12. I'll get what I want, prepare to feel stupid tomorrow.”

The stinging remark prompted Sarah to buy all 12 star tournaments in the store. But that didn’t satisfy her.

“I then called the other Huntsville store and bough ALL their ornaments,” she wrote. “And just to be extra spiteful I bought all the star ornaments in Decatur and Florence. It was the most vengeful $30 I ever spent.”

Source: Facebook/Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf

Source: Facebook/Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf


Her revenge played out more the next day when the customer returned as she had promised.

“I had the pleasure of telling her that ALL of the star ornaments in North Alabama had been sold to one customer. The look on her face was worth every penny I spent," she wrote.

Sarah said she gave the ornaments to her friends and family for years, saving just one for herself. “17 years later, I still smile when I hang it on my tree,” she wrote.



Sarah’s Christmas story is a rather bizarre one. Another Christmas story will break and warm your heart at the same time.

A grieving widower continues Christmas tradition to honor his late wife.

For 13 years, Charles Welke has dressed up in Santa every Christmas to bring joy to the children of his community.

But he almost gave up on his tradition after seeing his wife lose the battle against cancer.

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