Dwayne Johnson's daughter melts hearts as she plays on swing on her 3rd birthday

Dwayne Johnson celebrated his daughter's third birthday by sharing a video of their playtime activity which some fans didn't appreciate.  Regardless, his daughter had a blast in her indoor gym celebration. 

Dwayne Johnson’s daughter just turned 3 and she had so much fun celebrating with friends and family. 


In a series of clips Dwayne’s wife, Lauren Hashian shared from the happy occasion, their eldest daughter Jazzy appeared to be having a good time as she enjoyed the activities in her indoor gym party. She giggled as she swung while guests sang “Happy Birthday” to her. She jumped on a deflated parachute and bounced on a trampoline. Of course, she blew out the candles on her cake which had her name and a heart on it. 


Lauren paid tribute to her first child with “The Rock” in her caption. 

“We love you soooo muuuuuch munchkin.  Nothing feels better than seeing the pure beautiful smiles on the kids faces as they go bananas.”

“Our hearts are full today celebrating 3 years on this planet, Jazzy girl.”

She also thanked family and friends who helped make the day even more special and made her daughter’s “heart so full.”

“The time really does fly. But these precious moments are never forgotten … Happy Birthday baby girl, 3 years old … WE LOVE YOU!!!XOXOXO.”


Meanwhile, Dwayne opted to share a video of a cute moment he shared with Jazzy. Father and daughter were in the bedroom and were playing a game. He specifically told her in his caption that he could only play the game with him. 

The game involved Jazzy slapping him and Dwayne reacting like it didn’t hurt at all. Jazzy giggles as she slaps her father who tells her, “I don’t think you’re quick enough.” She tries for another time, clearly enjoying the activity and her father says, “You slap like a girl.”


The cute clip was accompanied by a touching message filled with birthday wishes for the little girl. 

“My dear birthday girl Jazzy. May you always have your mama @laurenhashianofficial’s  beautiful soul, kindness, heart & especially baking skills because cookies are life.”

“And may you also continue to have the greatest laugh playing the game you’re ONLY ALLOWED to play with daddy. Happy 3rd Birthday baby girl! I love you and I got you — always. #HappyBirthdayLilMama.”


Though his message was sweet, Dwayne’s comments section was met with a little negativity when fans criticized the star for encouraging Jazzy to slap him and think it’s funny. 

“Do you want her to think that slapping is … ok?,” one follower asked. 

“I don’t think you should be teaching your child to slap others. Teach your child to respect others!! Very disappointing,” another reprimanded. 


Dwayne has always been very playful with his children, obliging them with activities that most fathers wouldn’t think of engaging in. In fact, he recently shared a photo of Jazzy painting his face before heading for work. 

Some fathers would hesitate with such a messy activity especially when it’s time to go but not Dwayne. He patiently sat and allowed his daughter to work her makeup skills on him. He even instructed her to, “make sure you choose manly colors that are flattering to my complexion.”

On another occasion, he also allowed her to paint his nails. 

Dwayne didn’t respond to the negative comments about the slapping but we’re certain the game was just another way for him to dote on his child. He also told her that she’s only allowed to play it with him which is his way of telling her never to do it with other people. Besides, Dwayne always takes a beating at work in his movies so what’s a little playful slap from his daughter.  

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