Legendary 'Beatles' members unite for one more fantastic performance

Paul McCartney recently reunited with former Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr to play the famous group's hit "Get Back," with a little help from Ronnie Wood.

The Rolling Stones guitarist joined the two musicians on stage on Sunday at London's O2 Arena for a trip down memory lane.

As can be seen in a Twitter post being shared online, the famous trio delighted the crowd with their rock skills, as if they were still in their prime.

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There is a special kind of nostalgia seeing stars such as McCartney and Wood sharing the stage even though they were a part of completely different bands.

Still, they ruled the music charts back in the day and those memories will never fade, which was why their performance was so praised by all those in attendance.


McCartney, who is currently on tour after launching the album "Egypt Station," let the audience know about the surprise, confessing that it was even surprising for the stars since they didn't plan it beforehand.

Starr walked in from behind the curtain and took his place behind a drum kit while Wood greeted the roaring crowd by picking up an electric guitar and standing right by McCartney's side.


The musicians played an extended version of "Get Back" with an extra chorus thrown into the mix before hugging at the end, celebrating the reunion.

During his time on stage, McCartney also performed several solo numbers and tracks from "Wings," as well as a great rendition of "Wonderful Christmas Time."


The artist will reportedly travel to the U.S. in 2019, where he is expected to perform in May at the Smoothie King Arean, in New Orleans, in front of thousands of fans.

McCartney's talent is undeniable and he recently used it to make James Corden tear up during a Carpool Karaoke segment on "The Late Late Show."

The former Beatles star sang "Let It Be," a song inspired by his late mother, which caused Corden to lose his composure while driving, who was seen wiping the tears from his eyes as he listened to McCartney's beautiful voice.

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