Beloved employee gets his car stolen, so coworkers step up and surprise him with a new one

It is said that when there is a great team, there is more harmony and therefore more success.

A great example of this is the employees of the restaurant Ruffino's on the River, who recently surprised a colleague and thousands of people through social media, for the noble gesture they have had.

A man who works as a restaurant dishwasher had saved for months to buy a car for his family, only to have it stolen. When his co-workers found out, they joined to put money and bought him a new one. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

Kea Senegal works at Ruffino's on the River, a restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana. As soon as the general manager, Chris Muffoletto, learned what had happened, he gathered the entire workforce to ask if they could collaborate.

"He has a wife and two children, a 4-year-old and a 4-month-old, and when we found out what happened, we felt we should help," he told Newsner.

All the workers contributed to giving money. It took three days to raise $ 2,500 dollars. Then, the people of Don's Wholesale, a car shop, discovered what they were doing and contributed their bit as well. Their generosity was fundamental.

A week after his car was stolen, Muffoletto and Ruffino's staff gave Kea a 2015 Chevy Malibu, and his reaction was priceless. Having the gift ready, the employees planned a way to deliver it and thought of a spectacular surprise.

With the new car in the parking lot, all the employees left facing the vehicle and thus hiding it. Already ready to give the surprise, the manager of the place left with Kea, to whom he had said that they had a surprise.

Without imagining what would happen, they walked towards their companions who little by little discovered the car and shouted 'surprise, surprise', with tears and many hugs, Kea, showed that he could not believe the noble gesture they were having with him.

Among those present was his wife who already knew the details of the emotional moment.

After the event, Kea Senegal shared on Facebook, a thank-you message that said: "I thank everyone very much for the love and support. God bless all those who shared the news of the theft of my car, my coworkers from Ruffino's and the incredible people of Don's Wholesales Automotive, made my day the best day of my life in 30 years, I can’t believe it, and they don’t know what they made me feel. God bless you," he concluded empathizing with thousands of people who have made their news viral.

In a similar story, Corey Patrick was praised by people from all over the world after it was discovered that he walked alone to his graduation to take the public bus.

When Radio host Rickey Smiley heard about Patrick's story, he invited him into the studio. During the interview, he told the teenager that they were about to buy him a car. "I need you to go and get your driver's license. We're going to buy you a car."

The grateful student was left in tears after indeed receiving a new car from the TV host, and his viral pictures have also made him the recipient of numerous college scholarship opportunities.

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