Wendy Williams reveals she fractured her shoulder and returns to her show in a sling

Wendy Williams “is on the mend” with a fractured shoulder but “the show will go on,” she says.

Wendy Williams was noticeably absent from her program on Monday when a rerun was aired. Fans learned the next day when she returned with a sling that she suffered a hair fracture on her left shoulder which kept her away from work the previous day.  


Williams told her viewers her shoulder “was on fire” the whole of Monday after fracturing it on Sunday. She added, 

“There’s no way I could have done yesterday’s show. I was all about the medical care yesterday, from one doctor to the other. So I’m on the mend. I don’t need an operation. They tell me I’m very healthy for, um … a person after 50.”

Williams also assured fans that despite the sling on her shoulder, that’s all it will ever be. She won’t need a hard cast, nor will she need surgery. More importantly, she says, “Staff, crew, the show will go on!”


This isn’t the first time Williams had a health scare. In fact, she started to alarm fans last year when she fainted on her Halloween show. Earlier this year, she also revealed she had hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease which prompted her to take a three-week break from hosting. The talk show host likewise opened up about taking the wrong dosage to treat her disease which is why it came back to haunt her 19 years later. 


Williams is currently wrapping up tapings for her show and will be done by the end of the week. This will give her time to recuperate during the holidays when her taped shows will be aired. By her return to live television next year, it’s possible the talk show host will be back in fighting form and sling-free.  

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