February 01, 2019

John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan have a big blended family. Meet all of their 7 kids.

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Meg Ryan is an actress known for her roles in iconic films such as “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sleepless in Seattle” and John Mellencamp is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter.

The couple has a blended family consisting of seven children. Meg is 57 and John is 67, but the age difference does not get in the way of their love for each other.

They have been dating for eight years. This follows Meg’s previous marriage to Dennis Quaid and John’s three previous marriages.

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John and Meg have 7 children between them; one from her previous marriage, one she adopted, and five from his three previous marriages. However, they all get along and enjoy time together.

John’s children are Michelle, Teddi Jo, Justice, Hud, and Speck. They are 48, 37, 33, 24, and 23 years old respectively.


Meg has a son from her previous marriage called Jack Quaid who is 26 years old. Jack is following his parents’ footsteps and working as an actor in Hollywood.

In 2006 Meg adopted a girl called Daisy True from China. While the selection process was random, Meg believes that it was meant to be.



Earlier this year Meg and Ryan decided to take their relationship to the next level by getting engaged. Meg announced this to the public through a post on her Instagram account.

The photograph was of a cartoon style drawing of the couple reaching for each other and a small ring. The caption just said “engaged.”


The post followed Meg being seen in public wearing an engagement ring. She wanted to confirm the rumors by posting the picture.


While fans are excited at the prospect of the couple’s upcoming wedding, many are wondering why they are choosing to do this now.

They have had an on-again-off-again relationship, but feel they are now in the right space to get married.

A source close to John commented on their relationship saying:

“They relate on many levels. John loves her intellect, personality, and sense of humor. Meg is in awe of his talent.”