David and Tamela Mann made hearts skip with steamy photo for their new album release

David and Tamela Mann are encouraging couples to “make love” with their latest album cover. The couple went all out with a steamy photo showing them poised for a passionate kiss. 

David Mann and his wife Tamela Mann have a message to their Christian fans with their latest album, “Us Against The World.” According to David, the album which features “making baby music” is “about music to make love, not to have sex.”


The award-winning actor/comedian and his award-winning gospel artist/actress wife teamed up for their latest album which hopes to provide a wholesome soundtrack for lovers’ intimate moments. The album which also coincides with their 30 years of marriage boasts of a new R&B sound, nothing like the usual gospel sound they previously recorded.

Tamera admits it’s a whole new experience for her to do something like this. And she also confesses she and David tried listening to the music in the bedroom and it was quite effective.  

"It was different for me, it was really different, even though I was happy to think about the man that I love [while singing]. It made me even look at him differently, and in all honesty, we tested it out and it really worked."

She adds that even though the theme is love, “it wasn’t nasty love music.”

David also says the album is their gift to their people who want to have something clean to listen to while being intimate. 

“You know what we represent, who we represent. You know that our love for each other is 30 years strong and growing. So we wanted to make music that people can have those intimate moments with and not listen and be like, ‘Girl, let me slap you, bump you, pop you.’ All that stuff.”

David and Tamela’s album cover photo is truly representative of how they’d like their fans to perceive their music – sexy, full of love, but wholesome. 


The couple’s album is inspired by their book carrying the same title. The publication offers readers tips on marriage, commitment, and intimacy, something the 30-year-old spouses are certainly equipped to dish on. According to the couple, the secret to their lasting union is making each other a priority. They’ve come a long way though having gone through a turbulent past. 


David fathered two children with other women during his marriage to Tamera and this almost broke up their marriage. But David vowed to his wife at the time that “it’s me and you against all of this stuff.” This comforted Tamera who eventually accepted David’s situation and stayed married to him. 


The couple has two children together, David Jr. and Tia. The latter was recently in the news after sharing a photo with her rumored boyfriend during his birthday. Suspicions were high that they were engaged as Tia wore a curious ring on her finger. But she made no confirmation if the rumors were actually true. 


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