Sweet wedding photos of 70-year-old groom and 67-year-old bride still melt hearts

The cutest senior couple tied the knot, ending it with a 90-second long kiss. Their engagement and wedding photos took the internet by storm as they prove love chooses no age.

Murphy Wilson, 70, and Lucinda Myers, 67, went viral as they tied the knot at the place where their love story began; First Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The special event for the two was filled with family, a total of 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, family, and friends. The event was simply perfect in every way for them, and of course for everyone that took part.

Wedding planner and daughter of the groom shared with Yahoo Style that

“the wedding was so warm and elegant… Four amazing singers, a singing group, a cellist were the precursors that brought in the bridal party. And singer Ezra Bates sang ‘Nothing Without You’ as the bride came down the aisle, escorted by her son-in-law Rodney Whitlow. The groom was so mesmerized he forgot to go get her.” 

In the summer of that year, the elderly couple swept the internet away as their engagement photos went viral. Fast forward later, their wedding photos were posted on Instagram and quickly went viral. Their photographer, Gianna Snell, captured all the sweetest moments and shared them on Instagram. 

One photo told the story, “the groom was so smitten with his bride as she walked down the aisle that he just stood there…frozen…lol! The pastor had to nudge him and tell him, “Go get her!” The sanctuary erupted with laughter as he hurried over to her!” 

The other photo was of the couples iconic 90-second long kiss and had the caption, “Murphy and Lucinda had theeee longest wedding kiss ever!! Then they followed it up with another one right before the pastor announced them, husband and wife! The pastor wasn’t ready at all! Lol!”

Although this is the second wedding for both of them, it was still very special and warmed the hearts of Instagram users. One user commented, “I am so happy for this couple who have another chance on love. Look forward to seeing you when I visit Huntsville soon.”

True enough, this elderly couple proves age does not matter when it comes to love. More so, love is for every age!

Similarly, a 70-year-old widow recently went on the search to find love again by posting an ad on the newspaper. It was the cutest thing for her to want to find love again, and while others may think she wished for the impossible, a miracle happened.

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