Man eating oysters felt something hard in his mouth and it turned out to be a pearl

Edduin Carvajal
Dec 21, 2018
12:12 A.M.
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Rick Antosh of Edgewater, New Jersey, went to a Manhattan restaurant to have lunch with a couple of friends and he ended up finding a pearl worth thousands of dollars.


In an interview Rick had with CBS New York, he said that it was the best oyster pan roast he has ever ordered. Everything happened at the Oyster Bar inside Grand Central Terminal.

He and his friends were talking and pretty much focused on their conversation when he suddenly felt something weird in his mouth. Even though he didn’t bite it, he sensed that “something was odd.”



Rick’s first thought was that it was a filling or a tooth, but when he took the pea-shaped finding, he noticed that it was neither of those. Quickly after that, he saw the black dot, which deeply intrigued him.


However, he thought it was a part of a kitchen utensil that broke and ended up in his dish. When he talked to the staff and the chef of the restaurant, they confirmed that it was a pearl, something that has happened only twice in 28 years.



While Rick would get a couple of thousand dollars selling such rare item, he admitted that it became a sort of lucky charm for him and that he was planning on keeping it for as much as possible.


As Metro reported, the odds of finding a pearl in such a way were reported about one in 12.000, similar to the odds a person has to be struck by lightning in their lifetime. Experts estimate that the pearl is worth between $2,000 and $4,000.



Rick is not the only person who found something very valuable by chance. A married couple from Louisiana barely lost a winning prize of $1 million for not checking their lottery tickets in time. But luckily for them, they were able to claim their money with two weeks to spare.


Tina and Harold Ehrenberg, from Mandeville, Louisiana, were cleaning their house ahead of their Thanksgiving celebration when Tina found on their nightstand some lottery tickets that they hadn’t checked before.

After entering the lottery’s website to check the numbers, they realized one of the tickets matched all of the numbers from the June 6 drawing. Tina and Harold were just two weeks away from the deadline, so they wasted no time in claiming their $1.8 million jackpot.