Bus driver feeds 50 students left without food because of a storm

An Alabama school bus driver took matters into his own hands when an ice storm caused a delay in getting to school, knowing the kids will miss breakfast, he made a plan.

Wayne Price had been entrusted since 2013 to take elementary, middle and high school students in Montevallo, Alabama to school every morning.

Last week Wayne received a message from the school informing him of a delayed opening due to the storm, and since he knows that the majority of the children rely on the National School Lunch Program, he had to make a plan.

According to an employee of Montevallo Elementary School, up to 75% of the students are part of low-income families who struggle to afford breakfast and lunch. Therefore many of these children rely on the National lunch program for food.

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Source: Facebook/Montevallo Elementary School

Source: Facebook/Montevallo Elementary School

With a McDonald’s nearby, Wayne headed over and bought about 50 sandwiches in total. When one student remarked that he must be rich he replied:

“I am not rich. I am in full-time ministry … but you sit there and think about it, you take your family out to dinner, and you can drop $50 going out to dinner, and it was nothing more than taking my family out to dinner. When it came down to the financial side, it was just second nature. I really did not think about it. I thought, hey this would be neat. I bet they will like this.”

Wayne had grown attached to the children in his care over the years, and added with a huge smile:

“I got some sweet kids, and I get really attached to them … They were really appreciative. I dunno. I just love my kids. I got lots of fist pumps, lots of high-fives, lots of ‘Love you Mr. Price,’ lots of ‘Thank you, Mr. Price.'”

Source: Facebook/Montevallo Elementary School

Source: Facebook/Montevallo Elementary School

One of his fifth-grade students, Elizabeth Lopez, was touched by Wayne’s deed and said:

“I did not think he was going to do it. I am really thankful for having him as a bus driver, and he feels like a dad to me.” 

How blessed these children are to have someone look out for them with so much kindness. Similarly, Deputy Ken See, from the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia made his way to a McDonald’s truck stop for breakfast.

Another patron of McDonald's, James Lifsey had also stopped at the fast food restaurant to get something to eat when he saw the deputy walk in with another man and fell into line behind James.

Seeing that the man the deputy brought into the restaurant was homeless, the deputy asked the man what he wanted and asked if he could buy the homeless man food for later, but he declined.

After paying for the meals he wished the homeless man a good day and left like it was just a Thursday morning like any other. James shared the heartwarming story on the page, ‘Love What Matters’ where it got a lot of attention. Thanks to the deputy, the man could go through the day with a full stomach at least.

Another officer showed some kindness towards an elderly lady when he stopped at a Citgo petrol station in Michigan for some gas. Officer Todd Bing walked into the store to pay for his gas as 75-year-old Delores Marotta was paying for $3 worth of gas.

Struggling to walk, Todd helped her get back to her car and offered to pump her gas. After some conversation it was clear that she had no money, so Todd went back into the store and purchased an extra $30 worth of petrol for the sweet elderly lady.

With the holidays being all about giving, how many lives could be changed by random acts of kindness this year?

Facebook/Seth Kazz

Facebook/Seth Kazz

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