Melania Trump's look-alike delivered 'Make America Christmas Again' song, copying the First lady

Jaimie-lee Prince
Dec 21, 2018
03:06 P.M.

Laura Benanti performed a hilarious skit as she parodied first lady Melania Trump for a Christmas special.


Benanti returned for the role on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" earlier this week. Most viewers would say she hit the nail on the head in her emulation.

Benanti as Melania opened by informing the audience that Trump was running late again. She said it was "surprising because [she had] never seen him run before." A clip of the performance is found below.

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Melania then proceeded to think out loud about how she would "distract" the audience from her husband's "failures." She considered wearing a "Christmas-theme jacket."

With that, the camera panned to a green jacket saying "I Really Don't Care, Do Yule?" The outfit was highly criticized when the real Melania wore it as she visited children earlier this year.

Benanti's Melania then opted to treat viewers to a song based around her husbands MAGA slogan. She put a different spin on it, naming the song "Make America Christmas Again."


At one point, she sang:

"It used to be illegal to say Merry Christmas. You’d be punished at the slightest mention. But now you’re free to say Merry Christmas all year unless you’re a migrant child in detention. Boo-hoo."

Following the song, the Melania copy went into how she is the most bullied person in America. She pointed out how she's especially criticized for her red Christmas trees and doesn't know why.

Then she stopped to cover a spot that was missed on the trees surrounding her. The spray bottle she used read "blood."


Benanti's Melania then acknowledged how not everyone celebrates Christmas. She showed an "inclusivity corner" which displayed a basketball, a Hulk holding a sign saying "Hinduism," and a photo of Tom Cruise.

Soon after, Scrooge paid a visit to the fake-Melania. The first lady explained that she was puzzled because she couldn't differentiate "which whiny guys are ghosts and which are Mike Pence."

Finally, President Donald Trump called in to tell his wife that he won't be able to make it. He explains that he has a meeting with "another powerful world leader."


He said:

"He's a big guy with a red hat, only works one day a year. [He's a] huge supporter of the coal industry, keeps a list of which kids he likes and which ones deserve to be punished."

Melania pretends to be disappointed that Donald won't be home for Christmas. Then she melodiously belted out "Allelujah!"

She concluded:

"If Donald’s not going to be here. I’ll just have to do what I did back when we shared a bed; Finish without him!"

With that, she wraps up with another holiday original dedicated to her freedom. She titled it "Merry Christmas to Me."

Back in November, Benanti again performed on the show as Melania. She gave a reason for why the real first lady supposedly fired deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel.


Benanti told Colbert on the show:

"She was lying, she was petty, she was vindictive, and we've pretty much got that covered, so..."

When Colbert asked her why she chose to make it public when she should have handled it with her husband in private, the fake First Lady answered, “Oh Stephen, I haven’t handled my husband’s privates in years.”

The audience erupted in laughter. Similarly, the comment section of the Christmas special drew much praise for the comedic actress.

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