Gabby Union shares video of baby being observed by pediatrician to shut down mommy-shaming comments

Actress Gabrielle Union, who is married to NBA player Dwyane Wade, shared a slideshow on Instagram to shut down some shaming comments she got.

The first photo portrayed the actress kissing her daughter, Kaavia James, on her forehead in the most beautiful way. For the second post, the girl was with a pediatrician who was checking her lungs and ears.

Even though the slideshow attracted a lot of attention, the most striking aspect of Gabrielle’s post was the caption as the actress sent out a message for those who mom-shamed her.


First, she listed what people should be aware of to “happily enjoying” her posts, including things like, “Trust that she is surrounded by medical and child care specialists” and, “Trust that I won't post anything that puts my child in danger or opens me up to unsolicited online medical or parenting opinions.”

Gabrielle continued, “If someone does things differently or does not take your advise or that advise doesnt pan out the way it did for you, that is NO indication that you are wrong or a bad parent. We all figure out what works for us, our children and our families [sic].”

The actress finished with, “There will be no mommy shaming on this page. I rebuke mommy shaming. For those STILLLLL clinging onto your fears about Kaav's breathing and or whether my sweet kisses harmed my kid...feel free to swipe,” while encouraging her followers to watch the clip of Kaavia with the doctor.


Gabrielle uploaded that post and wrote that caption because she had been receiving several complaints over a video wherein she was kissing Kaavia in the mouth a couple of times in a “kissing game.”

Some of those comments set clear that babies should never get kisses on their lips as it could transmit bacteria that might make them ill. However, Gabrielle didn’t let those comments to let her down as she pointed out that a nurse was in her home and that Kaavia was as healthy as a baby her age could be.

Before that image hit the Internet, Gabrielle opened up about being mom-shamed for a photo she posted after the baby’s birth during an interview she and her husband had with Oprah Winfrey. According to the actress, people kept wondering why she was on a hospital bed when she didn’t deliver her child.


Dwyane and Gabrielle welcomed their first daughter together via surrogate on November 7, which was why people considered she shouldn't have been lying on the hospital bed. 

In an Instagram post, the actress showed very intimate moments during the birth of her daughter, talked about her experience as a parent, and recalled all the miscarriages she underwent decided to have a baby via surrogate.

While the birth of the baby was a big milestone in the couple’s life, several people have wondered why they chose “James” as her middle name. Some said that it was because of NBA player LeBron James, but Gabrielle took to Instagram to tell the truth.

“Great question. We wanted my family represented in her name. My godfather is my Uncle James Glass. She is named after him.. and then Union… that’s… ya know… me [sic],” revealed the actress.

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