Video of construction worker's over-the-top moves while directing traffic still sparks laughter

Monica Otayza
Dec 22, 2018
01:16 A.M.

A construction worker leaves motorists laughing as he directs the traffic flow. His video was caught on tape, uploaded, and went viral.


A lot of motorists get hot headed when driving through traffic, but this construction worker definitely knew how to control the mood. A Facebook video was posted of a construction worker directing traffic in Niagra Falls, New York. The worker was not only helping cars move without getting all jumbled up but also busting some funky dance moves, making motorists laugh hysterically – and of course, brightening up their day.

Source: Facebook / Poke My Heart

Source: Facebook / Poke My Heart

The two-minute clip was posted on Facebook by Poke My Heart and got nearly 1 million views and thousands of shares and likes. The photo was originally posted by Quitta Williams with the caption, “You saw it here 1st… Niagra Falls finest directing traffic… Ain’t nothing wrong with loving your job! I’m taking you viral!” and quickly, it did gain attention from social media users and went viral.

Source: Facebook / Poke My Heart

Source: Facebook / Poke My Heart

The dancing construction worker was later identified as Sebastian Suprio and even commented responses to Facebook users who replied to his dancing. He said,

“A man who fights for his mental health every day it is surreal to see my silly way of helping a few strangers smile and imagine those happy moments ripple throughout the city and world is what I truly believe this really is about.”

What a reigning response!


Sebastian is certainly a man of God who can do wonders with small actions. He clearly knows the ripple effect of happiness and the probability of paying it forward throughout the day. In the hustle and bustle of New York city life, there is always that one good man, that one thing people can look forward too. Hopefully, citizens get inspiration from Sebastiano’s energy and happiness to radiate good vibes to others.

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