Commuter starts amazing dance to raise mood of frustrated drivers in Baltimore traffic

Dec 24, 2018
09:08 A.M.
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A commuter decided to lay-off the frustration during construction traffic with some spectacular dance moves in the middle of the road.


Erin Konheim Mandras posted a video on Facebook, which sees the commuter showing off his dancing skills at a road in North Baltimore.

The uploader captioned the enjoyable dancing video with a caption, “I couldn’t make this up if I tried. I guess this man thought it was a good time to bust out his dance moves while in construction traffic on a Tuesday morning.”

The man seemed to have stepped out of one of the vehicles waiting for the road to clear up after the construction on Falls Road cause the traffic to be held.


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The video has so far gathered more than 62,000 views and has been shared more than 300 times, making it go viral on the social media.

Many people have taken time to comment about what they felt when they saw the man dance as if no one’s looking.


One Facebook user, Nina Miller Whittleton, wrote that she would definitely try pulling off such a stint next time she was in traffic.

Others also showed their support by writing that they would have joined the man had they been present on the location.


Facebook user Sue Markowitz observe the optimistic attitude of the man and took a lesson regarding ‘making lemonade [out] of lemons’ from his antic.

Sandra Greene echoed Markowitz’s observation and wrote, “This is one way to deal with frustration. Better than road rage.”


Earlier in May this year, another lady also surprised everyone with her captivating dance move in the middle of the street during a traffic jam.

Lisa Smoot also went viral after a video of hers was uploaded to Facebook on May 20, which sees her showing off some amazing dance moves while she was stuck in traffic on 1-65 en-route north out of Alabama.