Tika Sumpter gushes over her little niece's natural hair in heartfelt post

Aby Rivas
Dec 25, 2018
10:30 P.M.
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Tika Sumpter melted hearts all over social media with an adorable and artsy picture of her beautiful niece rocking her big natural afro ahead of Christmas.


The “Haves & Have Nots” star is all about celebrating black beauty. Her Instagram is filed not only with pics of herself, but also with photos of black women that have left a mark in history with their achievements in music, politics, and more.


However, her most recent addition to the string of black beauty posts was extra special because it features her niece, Kennedy, the youngest daughter of her brother Collin.


In the black and white shot, the toddler is sitting on a sofa with a table in front of her, wearing a t-shirt, shorts and rocking her hair in a big stylish afro.

“Dear niece, you have power in every fiber of your body. That head of hair thoooooooo...YESSSS. You got that Angela Davis POWER,” the actress captioned the picture.


Fans immediately flocked her comment section to gush about the little girl and her incredible look, with most of them praising the parents for allowing their daughter to rock her natural hair instead of easing down her curls as many other people do.

@tadams542: That hair is beautiful, very beautiful niece. If only every child can be built up with encouragement.”

@shabaka0411: Her beautiful crown!! Only people whose hair grows against gravity, toward the sun!”

@maya_dionne: OMGooosh I love this! Her mama better only put natural products on her hair. Neveh eveh touch the creamy crack #afroamericana #afro #black #blackpride.”



Little Kennedy is not the only girl on Tika’s life. The star also paid homage to her daughter, Ella Loren, as she wished a Merry Christmas to her fans and followers with an adorable pic of the 2-year-old rocking a green fairy costume.

Sumpter captioned the post:

“Closing out this year with so much to be thankful for. You’re included in that thanks. Thank you for your massive amounts of support and love. I LOVE you guys so much. I’m wishing everyone a happy holiday. Do you spy a fairy? She’s magical. Thank you for sharing your magic and delight with me guys. Happy Holidays!”



And continuing with Tika’s show of love for black women, she also honored her mother a few weeks ago, proving that she has nothing but respect and love for Mrs. Janice Acquista.

The “Nobody’s Fool” actress glowed with happiness as she posed with her mother for a selfie. The actress is very protective of her mom and showed just how much when the latter was arrested a few years ago.


Sumpter gave props to her mom for all the sacrifice made on behalf of their family, as she wrote in her caption:

“This lady has sacrificed so much for her family. She’s a fighter. Through me, she gets to see the fruits of her labor. Love you, mom.”



Two years ago, Sumpter was enraged after her mom was arrested over a $10 library fee in Johnston County, North Carolina. Janice had written a check for $10 for a library membership, but the check bounced back.

Acquista was unaware that the check had bounced until a police officer pulled her over with an arrest warrant. Although the officer said he was surprised there was a warrant arrest for $10, he had to do his job.


Janice was later released on a $500 bond, and Tika was enraged on her behalf. “Make sure you turn in your library books North Carolina! My mom was just arrested for having a late fee of 10 dollars on an overdue book!” she tweeted, following it with a second tweet:

“An overdue book should NEVER result in a warrant. This is a legal scam.”

Sumpter is undoubtedly a fierce mother, daughter, aunt, and sister, and she keeps working to enhance her family and make them proud.