December 26, 2018

Man accused of plotting to kidnap David Letterman's son released from prison for the second time

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David Letterman is a comedian and talk show host who is known best for hosting “Late Night with David Letterman.” Although he left the show in 2015, his family are still in the media spotlight.

There has been yet another attempt to kidnap David Letterman’s son, 15-year-old Harry Joseph, and his nanny. The first attempt was in 2005 when Harry was two years old.

The man who is responsible for the plot to kidnap Harry and his nanny is Kelly Allen Frank, who was previously employed by David Letterman as a painter on his ranch.

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Kelly is behind both the 2005 attempt and more recent plot. He was arrested both times and briefly escaped prison after the first arrest.

In November this year, he was released on parole for after being arrested for plotting to kidnap Harry and his nanny again.


Kelly’s parole requires him to live in semi-restricted housing and to wear a GPS monitor. He can also never enter the area where Letterman’s ranch is located.

Besides his kidnapping plots, Kelly has also been arrested for rape in the past. He was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to the charge.



On 2005 Kelly first started making plans to kidnap Letterman’s then two-year-old son and his nanny. Kelly was under state supervision at the time for previous criminal charges.


An acquaintance of Kelly tipped off the police about his plot. Kelly had shared with him his plan to kidnap the infant and his nanny for a ransom of $5 million using a key he had to the ranch.

It is unclear whether Kelly was trying to get the man to help him in any way with the plan, but he was arrested and charged. He was sentenced to ten years in prison, but he escaped with a fellow inmate briefly in 2007.

Once the two escaped convicts were found, they were taken back to prison. Kelly was released on parole in 2014, but violated the terms and was arrested again in 2015. He is currently out on parole.