Upgraded version of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' released relevant to all 2018 standards

Dec 26, 2018
05:04 P.M.
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The famous talk show host gives a hilarious twist to the much controversial Christmas song and gives it a non-controversial reboot.


Following the criticism that the Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” talk show host Seth Meyers prepared a hilarious sketch on his “Late Night” show to mock the controversy.

Meyers told his audience that they were about to make the song less controversial and “non-problematic," and added:

“The good news for fans of the song, we here at ‘Late Night’ have written a brand new, non-problematic version of ‘Baby, It's Cold Outside,’ that you can still enjoy in 2018.”


Follow us on Twitter to learn more. Meyers referred to several criticisms against the song’s lyrics claiming it to be against feminist values.

With the public debate about the song on the high and several radio stations even banning the song, the talk show host decided to give the song a funny reboot.


In the sketch, we see two actors ready to present their rendition of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Then the female singer starts off the song by singing, “I really can’t stay…”

To this, the male singer quickly says, “I fully respect that,” ending the song as well as the sketch over there.


The “non-problematic” version of the song, which Meyers titled as “Baby, It’s Cold Outside 2018,” acts as a satire to the idea that the lyrics of the song is offensive to feminist values, especially in the wake of ‘#MeToo’ movement.

One of the first radio stations to ban the iconic song on their platform is Cleveland’s Star 102 FM.


The radio declared that the song would have no place on their holiday playlist because of the lyrics of the song, which were jotted down in 1944.

The issue that many are raising with the song is regarding the lyrics of the song that sings of a man insisting a woman to stay despite her continued refusal.