Father and sons chop wood and deliver 80 trucks full to those who need heat

A man named Shane McDaniel, along with his sons, Henry and Harrison, has spent the last eight months chopping wood for less fortunate people.

Shane, from Washington, chopped enough firewood to fill 80 trucks with the intention to keep warm homes 'where it is truly needed.'

On November 8, 2018, Shane took to his Facebook page to announce that they would start delivering the firewood and that it was all free of charge.

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The response couldn't have been better as hundreds upon hundreds of requests flooded Shane's inbox, which kept him so busy that he didn't have time to reply to all of them.

His business, Norm's Market, a minimart/bottle shop, was turned into a firewood base so people could leave donations in the form of firewood that could be delivered to those who need it.

It may seem like a simple idea, but, unfortunately, winter can be a very rough time to several people who don't have the means to keep themselves warm.

Plus, firewood can be quite expensive; Shane and his boys have reportedly given away around 10 cords of wood,  and with a cord going for about $250, one can imagine how costly it would be.


The father-of-two valued the wood he had on his property at $10,000, but to him, money is not even a question because some people have already offered him $400 per cord and he refused.

The plan is to help people, that's why he started chopping wood in early 2018, with the help of friends and relatives who kindly donated wood from their properties.


Kindness can go a long way, but even those less fortunate are willing to share the little they have in order to do the right thing, which was the case of a homeless man caught up in a social experiment.

A Youtuber named Johal put some money inside a homeless man's bag while he slept. Upon finding the money, the man went to a Target store to buy pillows and blankets.

Then, Johal sat next to the man, pretending he was asking a friend for some money for his daughter's medicine over the phone. After hearing Johal's words, the man went back to the store and returned everything he had bought just so he could give the Youtuber the money.

This beautiful act of kindness was proof that everyone is capable of helping someone in need, even those who have nothing, and, as a reward, Johal gave the man $500.

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