39-year-old woman dies after subjecting herself to a combination of plastic surgeries

A 39-year-old woman from Cali, Colombia, died of respiratory difficulties a day after going under three different plastic surgery procedures. She’s one of the seven women that have died in similar circumstances this year in the Caribbean country.

The woman, identified as Nayla Betty Catacoli, had liposuction, breast enhancement and a buttock augmentation surgery on Monday, December 17. She was on the operating room for over six hours but was able to wake up and started the recovery process immediately.

Source: YouTube/Noticias Caracol

Source: YouTube/Noticias Caracol

However, on Tuesday, the surgeon was evaluating her condition and found a bit a respiratory issue. She was moved to an observation room to follow more closely her recovery, but unfortunately, the patient suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away on the same day.

Nelson Sinisterra, Secretary of Health of the capital of Valle del Cauca, told Caracol News that members of his department, as well as the departmental Health Secretary, visited the establishment where the interventions were carried out on Wednesday.

Source: YouTube/Noticias Caracol

Source: YouTube/Noticias Caracol

“The clinic meets the requirements. Respiratory difficulties are a complication inherent in the surgical procedure. After the patient died, she was transferred to the Legal Medicine department, where they are doing the necropsy to determine the causes of death," he added.


The official revealed that, in general, many people from other cities or countries interested in practicing this type of surgery arrive in the capital of Valle del Cauca in December, so he made a series of recommendations for them:

"Don’t go under surgery right before arriving in the city, what we ask is that they wait three or four days and that they do it in recognized institutions with qualified personnel. Also, they need to make sure they receive all the information regarding the surgical risk.”

Source: YouTube/Noticias Caracol

Source: YouTube/Noticias Caracol

The secretary also suggests not to perform procedures with such prolonged times and to avoid getting the “combos.” Instead is recommended to give each surgery its indicated recovery time before getting another one.


Catacoli is the seventh woman to die in Colombia this year after going through a series of plastic surgeries.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

This year, one of the patients who died was U.S citizen Jessica Joan Captorricio, who arrived in Cali in May, determined to submit herself not to one, but three interventions.

On May 12, the 32-year-old foreigner underwent a lipectomy or surgery to achieve a flat abdomen, as well as liposuction or suction of subcutaneous fat, and a liposculpture to shape her waist and body. However, she had complications during the procedure and had to be transferred to another clinic, where they tried to save her life. She didn’t make it.


Is not uncommon for women to risk their lives to achieve their desired looks. While some of them don’t survive the procedures to see the results, there are others who go through unimaginable procedures and have been able to survive to keep changing their appearance.

Such is the case of Pixee Fox, a Swedish woman that has gone under 200 plastic surgeries to look like a cartoon.

She put her life at risk earlier this year after going through a complicated facial surgery in South Korea where the doctors had to break, shave and realign her jaw bones to create a slimmer v-line so she could look like a superhero.

Fox is still not done with surgeries, and she has been featured several times in the E! Entertainment show “Botched.”

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