Boy tries to catch Santa on video, but his dog makes him a hilarious surprise (Video)

A smart 8-year-old kid tried to prove Santa’s existence by leaving his iPad on recording mode under his Christmas tree. But he ended up recording his dog leaving an entirely different type of gift under the tree.

Kids these days defy traditions with their technological tools, and this boy came up with the perfect solution to catch Santa Claus on camera and, once and for all, prove his existence to the rest of the world.

Source: Twitter/lntolisa

Source: Twitter/lntolisa

A video shared on Twitter by his sister, who goes under the username @Intolisa, shows the boy, named Ian, clad on his pajamas and setting up his iPad on recording mode under his tree while the rest of his family chats away in the background.

Ian talked to the camera with natural ease as he explained what he was about to do:

“Hey, what's up guys. Well, I'm going to be catching Santa on video today because it is Christmas Eve, and yeah. There’s already a present in here. So, let’s get this video started!”

Source: Twitter/Intolisa

Source: Twitter/Intolisa

The video then cuts to what looks like a few hours later and shows a chihuahua roaming and sniffing around the tree before it settles right in front of the camera and decides to leave a not so pleasant surprise under the tree.

“so my brother left his iPad recording under the Christmas tree so he could catch Santa and..... this is what he actually caught,” Ian’s sister captioned the video which went viral and has earned 9.57  millions of reproductions, 166k retweets, and 545k likes.

Even celebrities like Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys and former Pussycats Dolls Kaya Jones reacted to the video.

After people’s insistence to know Ian’s reaction to the video, his sister shared another clip of the boy the next morning as he reaches for the iPad and notices the mess the dog left. “What's up, guys. That - you're probably wondering what that is - I think you guys know,” he says, pointing at it.

"Well, I'm going to pause the video and see what actually happened," he then adds.

Source: Twitter/Intolisa

Source: Twitter/Intolisa

Twitter users were left in stitches after the video; one replied “omg, he's leaving a yule log for everyone under the Christmas tree,” and another added, “lil man was definitely on the naughty list this year.”

However, among all the positive comments there is always a group of haters that can’t find joy in anything, and they started to criticize the boy for still believing in Santa at 8-year-old. His sister ended up tweeting: “yes my brothers 8 and he still believes in Santa Claus mind ur business.”

Another user replied asking if that wasn’t normal, to which the girl replied:

“a lot of people in the replies are saying “he’s smart enough to use technology and to try to catch him on tape but not smart enough to know he isn’t real” like he’s a child let him bREATHE.”

While some people seem to disagree with kids believing in Santa after 7, Ian and his family are not alone.


Caitlin Gallagher is a 30-year-old woman who is married but her mother still “believes” Santa Claus exists. Even after she found the truth at 13, her parents kept the magic going by ignoring the fact that she knew and even to this day, Caitlin still gets gifts labeled "From Santa."

When Gallagher asked her mom why did she kept Christmas “so innocent and wonderful,” her mother’s response showed the true spirit of the holiday.

Source: Wikimedia Commons Images

Source: Wikimedia Commons Images

Her mother explained:

"Christmas is our family's favorite holiday, and no matter how old, mature, and responsible you get, I want you to know that you never have to grow up or stop dreaming. Christmas is magical, and as a mom, I always want to make sure you feel that. My mom did it for me, and I know you'll do it for your own kids someday . . . no matter how old they get."

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