Remember Teddy Riley? He Has a Dancer Daughter Who Is Now Married to Her Longtime Boyfriend

Teddy Riley, known as the creator of the new jack swing music genre, is also the proud father of three beautiful daughters. His eldest, Deja Riley, became a seasoned entertainer and is now happily married to her longtime boyfriend as she ventures into her own business.

Deja Riley is not the typical celebrity child that grew up surrounded by stars and went on to become a spoiled brat. Instead, the 30-year-old got her education and a stable family background thanks to her parents, Teddy Riley and Donna Roberts.


She had a short stint on reality TV as part of the cast of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” but after witnessing the behavior of some of her co-stars, she decided the show wasn’t for her.

“I’m a positive person. I am a light in this world. And I don’t want to be anything other than that,” she said in an interview with Impact magazine. “I’d rather be seen by ten people [minding my business] than by ten thousand people playing myself on camera.”

Deja also got to experience life as a singer when she and her sisters formed the girl group, Riley. However, they only got to release one single before the group was left in the dark, and each sibling moved on with their life. Nia Riley, for example, went on to appear on "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood."


Riley is now earning a living by doing something she loves: dancing and being a fitness instructor. She started professionally after moving to L.A at 19 to be a Laker Girl, and soon after becoming the assistant to renowned choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson.

Deja, who is trained in different genres from ballet to flamenco, has worked with some of the top names in the industry, such as Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj. And while having such a famous dad would have helped her get those jobs, Deja assures it was all hard work on her side.

“My dad did not make one single phone call to help me. I never wanted anybody to look at me for anything other than my talent, my skill, and my drive. People didn’t find out [who my dad is] until after,” she stated.


However, being a dancer does not always pay off to lead a steady life and make ends meet, so Riley decided to pursue another path that, while it involves dancing, is mostly focused on fitness and wellness. That’s how she went off to become a boxing coach and fitness instructor.

She’s also a brand ambassador for Puma and many other sports-related companies.

Riley is now working on creating her own fitness line for women called “Be 88,” referencing the year she was born.

On top of having a successful career, Deja is also winning in her personal life.


She married her longtime boyfriend, Jimmy Izy, in October 2018.

The happy couple shared pics from their wedding ceremony on social media and sent each other heartwarming messages that prove how in love they are. Jimmy called Deja “the girl of my dreams,” and expressed how happy he is for spending his life with her.

Riley, on the other hand, wrote: “YOU are my only one” on a video from the wedding party.


The ceremony took place only two weeks before Deja celebrated her father’s birthday with a heartfelt message that left fans gushing about the beautiful father-daughter relationship Teddy and Daja have. She captioned a sweet pic with Teddy:

“To say you are an incredible human is an understatement. YOU are beyond what words can describe. Thank you for giving me life & showing me how a true champion always comes out on top. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY @teddyriley1 I love you so very much. Proud to be your firstborn!”

While Deja didn’t inherit her father’s music abilities, she did get his drive and will to be the best in what she can do.

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