Serena Williams' daughter Olympia shows off her 'strong' legs in $240 Burberry dress in new pic

Serena William’s daughter, Alexis Olympia, looks fierce in a cute Burberry dress as she plays around with her famous doll, Qai Qai while melting fans’ hearts.

Alexis Olympia is a little fashionista just like her mother, and she can rock some of the best designer’s clothing effortlessly.

In a recent pic shared to her Instagram account, Olympia showed off her muscular legs in a dress with flutter sleeves and a full, floaty skirt with the signature Burberry pattern and colors. She combined it with black Nike shoes and white socks.

The 1-year-old was caught by playing with a stroller, while her doll Qai Qai laid face down on the floor. “That feeling... like you're forgetting something...” the pic was captioned, hilariously referring to Olympia leaving her doll daughter behind.

Fans took over the comment section to gush about Olympia and continue to make fun of the situation. These young parents these days…” wrote one user. Another added, “I just love You, Olympia. I need your mom to give me legs like” and a third one chimed in to say:

“Somebody needs to call Child Protective Services to get some help for Quai Quai.”


Ever since Serena and her husband Alexis Ohanian introduced their doll granddaughter to the world, Qai Qai has become quite the celebrity on social media. Many people justify the fact by stating that, in a world full with terrible news and people, watching Olympia’s adventures with the doll make their days a bit brighter.

Like Olympia, Qai Qai also has her own Instagram and Twitter accounts.

At first, the doll didn’t have a voice, and the account only shared pics of Qai Qai laying down everywhere after Olympia ditched her, but then she started using memes and creating relatable content for the younger generations.

Many fans believe Alexis Ohanian is behind the funny account, but Qai Qai insists a doll can run her own account, thank you very much.


Right before Christmas, Ohanian released “Qai Qai merch” to raise funds to help Zoe Dolls, a 12-year-old girl’s initiative to purchase and deliver brown dolls for African American girls. The objective of the campaign is to show the little girls that they are beautiful dolls too.

A cartoon of Qai Qai was created for the occasion, and now the doll also has different expressions, although she’s always trying not to show her “real face” when Olympia is around, kind of like the plot of “Toy Story.”

One of the doll’s recent boss moves was to share a pic from her first-row seat at the tennis court in Abu Dhabi, where Serena Williams is currently competing at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship.

Fans pointed out that Qai Qai is living her best life and has visited more countries than most people. Is clear that Serena and Alexis enjoy giving people joy, whether is with pics of their adorable daughter or creating a fantasy with Olympia’s doll baby.

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