Ray J shares adorable video of baby Melody looking unimpressed at him beatboxing on New Year's Day

Ray J shared an adorable video of baby Melody looking unimpressed. In the video, shown below, he's beatboxing on New Year's Day but his daughter is completely uninterested.

Melody Norwood is the adorable baby daughter of  Ray J and Princess Love. She recently melted hearts in a video shared by Ray J on Instagram.

Ray J took to the social media site to share a video of himself holding the adorable baby on New Year's day. In the video, the rapper beatboxes to his baby daughter who simply sits unimpressed.

In the video captioned, "@melodylovenorwood is like wtf! Lol, #priceless #mood #HappyNewYear" Ray J plays with Melody's toy keyboard while beatboxing. His daughter was having none of it.

Baby Melody sat scowling at her dad looking completely uninterested. She eventually even gives her dad a little side eye.

Fans took to the comments section to praise the little baby for her sassy response to her dad. Many also praised how quickly she's growing.

"she said oh hell no, daddy. try again or just hush [laughing faces]" said one fan observing the little girl's response.

On Christmas day the little girl had melted fans hearts in another short clip. She sat on her mother’s lap wearing a white onesie, a matching bib, and two ponytails.

Her father tries to entertain her with a Mickey Mouse plushie. He can be heard singing to the opening song of Disney’s “Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse” in a silly voice.

Melody giggled and kicked while trying to reach for the plushie. While Ray J shares tons of videos and pics of little Melody, Princess Love was forced to delete all pics of her daughter after disgusting comments were left on them.

She released a statement saying, “The disgusting things people [write] under the picture of a child. I WILL NEVER POST MELODY’S PHOTO EVER AGAIN ON SOCIAL MEDIA.”

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