Eagle-eyed fans suspect that Carrie Underwood might be the Lion in ‘Masked Singer’ show

Is Carrie Underwood the mysterious singer in a lion mask in Fox's new reality show?

On January 2, 2019, Fox unveiled its new reality show "The Masked Singer" and instantly became a hit.

The show features celebrities costumed in head to toe disguises that conceal their identity from the audiences, the judges and even each other.

One of the contestants has the audience in a tizzy, as they believe they recognize country legend Carrie Underwood behind the lion mask. Indeed, a Twitter fan, un poco loco@, believes the clues are there for anyone to read.

"Why would they show #LionMask smoking and drinking?! And then I remembered the staff member whispering to #LionMask in the YouTube week one hint… #LionMask was being notified that she was pregnant!"

un poco loco@poquitititoLOCO


In the first episode of the show, the Deer, the Lion, the Monster, the Peacock, the Unicorn, and the Hippo competed. The Hippo was eliminated and unmasked to reveal Antonio Brown, the NFL wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The mask that is creating the greatest furor is the Lion, with some believing that the lovely voice belongs to one of the Kardashians, Paris Jackson, or  Rumer Willis, while others bet on Carrie Underwood.

The drape of fabric over the Lion's tummy might be to hide the budding baby bump of Underwood's second pregnancy.


The audiences are shown clips with hints of the masked singer's identity, and the judges are allowed to ask one question to try and discover who they are. Fans believe that the clip shows the Lion getting the news of a new pregnancy - ergo, it has to be Underwood.


Poco loco@ has also discovered that the designer of the Lion costume is Marina Tobina, who has dressed Underwood in the past - including a gold dress very similar to the Lion's costume.

The show was filmed in June, and poco loco@ points out that the drape of fabric over the Lion's tummy might be to hide the budding baby bump of Underwood's second pregnancy.

Only the denouement of the show will reveal the truth, and Underwood fans will be glued to the screen in expectation of the big moment.

Read more about Carrie Underwood on Twitter Amomama USA.


Country star Carrie Underwood is enjoying her last moments with her baby bump before the expected arrival of her second child in late January.

Underwood posted a sweet photo of herself and her 3-year-old son Isaiah with the hashtag #LettingItAllHangOut and captioned:

"Kicking off 2019 right... Me and my boys cuddled up watching a movie."

In the photo, Isaiah is cuddled up to his mother's bare baby bump. His first hug of his soon-to-be-born baby brother.

In a related story, 35-year-old singer and songwriter Carrie Underwood opens up about her second pregnancy.

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