School official faces suspension for telling trans student to use urinal to prove he's a boy

Cheryl Kahla
Jan 08, 2019
10:33 P.M.
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A teacher from West Virginia stands accused of harassing a trans student. 


As reported by NBC News, Lee Livengood was suspended earlier his week for four days. Some feel that it was not long enough. 

The suspension followed after a 15-year-old student, Michael Critchfield, said the teachers forced him to use the boy's bathroom. 


Livengood also said the student freaked him out. Critchfield was in the bathroom at the time of the assault but was using a stall, not a urinal. 

Livengood entered the bathroom and blocked the student from leaving the stall and asked Critchfield why they were in there. 


Critchfield told the teacher that it was his legal right to use the men's bathroom, but Livengood forced him to use the urinal "to prove he was a boy."


Livengood also refused to use the correct pronouns. The student later explained that children should feel safe at school, and added: 

"Kids like me should never have to go through anything like this. At the end of the day, all I wanted was to feel welcome."


The school is taken the matter seriously and said it's about time that West Virginia school take LGBTQ issues seriously. 

Critchfield’s mother, Caroline, told the press that the incident infuriated her and that Livengood's job is to provide safety, "not bully." 


She explained: “His job was to provide safety, to protect my son while he was in school — not bully — not badger. Not to humiliate. Not to tear someone down. Not cause a phobia. Not cause discrimination against him. What is this teaching our students?”

Transphobia is a serious concern in school today, a video of a trans student being harassed in a school bathroom recently went viral. 

The Minnesota high school student was exposed while using the bathroom and the video shows a woman violating the student's personal space. 

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