Rory Feek’s family are devastated after the sudden death of Indy’s beloved best friend

The Feek family mourns the loss of Indy's best friend, Scout.

Fans and friends of country singer and songwriter Rory Feek will be saddened to hear that once again tragedy has struck close to home.

Feek has been raising his daughter Indiana alone since his wife and singing partner Joey's death in 2016, and now little Indy has suffered a second blow.

“Our family and community is broken-hearted over the sudden loss this weekend of nine-year-old Scout McCauley who is Indiana’s first best friend and a special part of our life and story.”

Rory Feek


Indy is the child of Rory Feek and Joey Martin Feek, who comprised the famous country duo Joey + Rory. 

Indy, 4, who was born with Down's Syndrome lost her mother to cervical cancer at the age of two, and now has to deal with the loss of her best friend, Scout.

Though their daughter's friendship with Scout, Rory, and Joey became aware of the plight of children suffering from Loeys-Dietz Syndrome.


Although Scout was 9 to Indy's 4, the two girls were inseparable. Like Indy, Scout suffered from a genetic disorder called Loeys-Dietz Syndrome, which affects the body’s connective tissue.


Though their daughter's friendship with Scout, Rory, and Joey became aware of the plight of children suffering from Loeys-Dietz Syndrome.

They used their influence to spread awareness of the rare condition, and part of the proceeds of their 2016 album, "Hymns That Are Important to Us" were donated to the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation.

Scout will be sorely missed by Indy and the whole Feek family, who had taken her into their hearts.

R.I.P., little angel.

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The sad news of Scout's death comes just months after Indy Feek started school on September 11, 2018.

Indy, who was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome, has had a lot of challenges in her short life, one of which was losing her mother to cancer at the age of 2.

Thanks to the love and dedication of her father Rory Feek, and her big sisters  Heidi, 32, and Hopie, 30, she has had a happy childhood.

Like every little girl, she was excited to start school in the Fall at the Hardison Mill School, founded by Rory Feek.

The school follows the old fashioned concept of a one-room country school. The school is a great success as far as Indy was concerned. Her first day was such fun that she couldn't way to go back.

In a related story, a 32-year-old woman gave birth to a set of twins, one of whom was born with Down syndrome.

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