Serena Williams' daughter roots for her mom and aunt while wearing $260 Burberry dress in video

Olympia Ohanian has one or two things to teach sports fans worldwide. The adorable tot was filmed cheering her mother and aunt as the two played against each other at a recent game.

Tennis legends, Serena Williams and her older sister, Venus Williams faced off on the court on December 27 during an exhibition match in Abu Dhabi, and they had a significant fan in the stands.

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Jr. & Sr. 📸 #HopmanCup

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16-month-old Olympia was the image of cuteness in a video shared by her father, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian who also seemed to be enjoying the game.

It was Olympia who stole the show, however, as she followed the game keenly, darting her eyes from one end of the court to the other and clapping for both players.

“@olympiaohanian is such a good sport,” Alexis wrote in the caption. “She clapped for every point -- whether it was mama @serenawilliams or auntie @venuswilliams.”

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Some things never change

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Serena herself could not help gushing about her daughter’s actions and told Sport360:

“That’s a classy baby, you know, she applauds both Mommy and my opponent who happened to be her auntie. That was the highlight, seeing her clap, it was so cute."

Venus, who won the match for the night, also reposted the now-viral video with a hilariously adorable caption:

"I’m @olympiaohanian’s favorite player :)"

Besides her incredible sporting spirit, Olympia also won the night with her too-cute Burberry dress that reportedly retails for almost $300.

In another picture on her verified Instagram page, Olympia was spotted in her full ensemble, complete with black-and-white Nike sneakers as she tried to get into her stroller.

After the match, Serena shared another snapshot of her daughter, this time strapped in her stroller and letting out a wide yawn while her doll lay in her lap. All that clapping and cheering must have taken its toll.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion recently expressed her support for the rule modifications introduced by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) to offer extra ranking protection for female tennis players who want to have children.

Serena’s ranking suffered drastically when she took a break to have her daughter in September 2017, and she was glad to hear that other women would not have to go through the same thing.

"I think it's great," said Williams, adding that:

“Women that are younger can go out there and have kids and not have to worry about it and not have to wait until the twilight of their years to have children and I think it's a really great rule.”

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