Kim Kardashian once designed a shoe for Duchess Kate’s birthday that channels her classic style

When it comes to the Kardashians, you never know what to expect. Kim Kardashian West need to re-release the shoe she designed explicitly for the Duchess of Cambridge in 2012.  

There is not much similarity between the two celebrities except the fact that both have children of same age group; have lovely family orientation and their names both start with a K. 

It is not public knowledge how aware of Kim Kardashian; Kate Middleton is but one thing that is very obvious is how conscious Kim K is of the Duchess. West went as far as teaming up with ShoeDazzle UK to create a black quilted pump in honor of Middleton back in 2012.

The reality star promoted the shoe while wishing the Duchess a happy birthday in a video; she was dressed in an animal print dress and had a sleek ponytail.

She said while holding the shoe up: 

“I just wanted to wish the Duchess of Cambridge a really happy 30th birthday. We here at ShoeDazzle created a special shoe just for Kate because her style, I love personally, and I think that every woman should feel like a princess every day. So you can get ‘The Duchess’ here at So happy birthday!”

The Duchess is obviously out of stock; some fans even pushed for another release; this time for Meghan Markle.

It is not clear whether Kate Middleton patronized ShoeDazzle UK and bought “her” shoe or not. The royal figure is known to be a reserved, private person; which could be the reason the Duchess does not associate herself with the reality star who lives her life on TV.

In light of her birthday on Wednesday, INSIDER compiled a list of things that many might not know about the princess; exactly, Kate became a Princess after marrying Prince William. Also, the Duke wasn't around to celebrate his wife's birthday for the most part of the day; he was on official duty. William promised he didn't forget the special day.

Kardashian promoting the shoe is one of the many things the business mogul does.

In recent times she's come under a lot of heat for pushing the wrong products, especially on Instagram. She faced a lot of backlash in the comment section when she promoted Flat Tummy Co's meal replacement shakes. One fan wrote:

“Dangerous and misleading! You should be ashamed of yourself, flogging laxatives to millions of impressionable young people.”

Whichever way one chooses to look at it, Kim Kardashian is an industrious woman who never lets a business opportunity pass her by - whether it's a Flat Tummy supplement or promoting a shoe made for the Duchess of Cambridge.

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