Whoopi Goldberg laughs out loud at writer who claims women over 50 are ‘invisible’ to him

Oyin Balogun
Jan 11, 2019
08:02 P.M.
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Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg turned a live show session into a room of laughter after humorously twisting Yann Moix’s comment. 


The co-hosts of The View came against ageist comments about women over 50 from French author with mind-blowing humor and sarcasm.


In a bizarre, controversial interview with Marie Claire magazine, the 50-year-old writer said: 

"I am unable to love a 50-year-old woman. I find it too old. "They are invisible; I prefer the body of young women, that's all... a 25-year-old woman's body is extraordinary. The body of a 50-year-old woman is not extraordinary at all."

This comment itself turned a roulette on the author whose age fits perfectly into his utterance about 50-year-old women. 


The co-hosts of ”The View” couldn't stop cracking jokes about the arrogant and insulting utterance made by Moix.

"I would like to say to him... erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of.” - Joy Behar

Meghan said his comments were "ridiculous," and went on to add that "he's just such a jackass!"In another of her humorous jab, she continued:

"Why cut yourself off in life and dating in general? ...Try everything! I just don’t understand why you have to say things like that."


Whoopi Goldberg, the mother, and grandmother reiterated that his comments might have originated from the realization that a 25-year-old may put up with your b.s., a 50-year-old woman will not.

The 63-year-old actress is not only funny, but she also has a fantastic personality. One of her co-host on The View, Abby Huntsman, recently applauded Goldberg for helping her through her pregnancy. The mother of twins stated she always felt better after Whoopi hands her a candy. 


On realizing how unbelievably dumb his utterances were, Whoopi started cracking up in the studio, pointing out Yann's age. The actress went ahead to say: "so you know how low everything is hanging on him," before suggestively gesturing and going "boom, boom, boom, boom.” 

"We're not worried about people like him. Women are not thinking about him; they're running corporations, they're running for office!" - Whoopi

The magazine defended making public the controversial interview; they wanted to bring awareness to this form of reductive thinking that exists in the mind of some men. 


It is a shame that this is one of the realities of society, and we all need to look it straight in the eyes.

In the end, everyone collectively concluded that Yann's comments were terrible; uncalled for; and no woman should ever have to bother or worry about unrepentant ageist like him.  

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