Steve Harvey is assumed to be leaving his daytime talk show

Steve Harvey's fans are distressed when he announced he might end the contract for his daytime talk show. 

He said in a recent interview with Variety that daytime television is dying. Most of the big names, like Ricki Lake, left the industry. 

He adds: It's a very tough space right now. Plus, because of technology, people watch tv when they want to now. Nobody's sitting at the house at 1:30. No, ya'll tape it and then I don't get the credit for it."

He described the old fashioned industry as archaic and said a show host "has to be smart" and evolve with the times. 

"Syndication, network television is dead," and he explained that social media has proven to be better options for getting one's message out. 

When asked if he plans to take his talk show to social media, Harvey avoided the question, leading fans to wonder what he has planned. 

No new syndicated shows were introduced at NBCU, and Harvey said that was a clear sign for him.

NBCU announced that they want to give Harvey's slot to Kelly Clarkson, but this hasn't been discussed with him yet. 

He said it would have been nice of them to consider him in the decision-making, "as the only dude who survived with them for seven years."

Instead of discussing it with him, they just "made an announcement," and Harvey said that now forces him to make his own "announcements" too.

When asked if he has something to say right now, Harvey just smiled at the audience. He then added: I'm working, it'll be something real cute." 

Clearly upset about the NBCU decision, he said: "I'm an honorable guy, I'm an old-school guy, man. I just thought you're supposed to talk to people and go 'look, you've been good business for us, this is what we're thinking of doing, are you okay with that?' No, you don't just put something in the paper [without discussing it.]"

Clarkson seems to be in high demand and other sources claim that she "may be groomed" to take over for Ellen DeGeneres once "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" is off the air. 

DeGeneres has a contract with the network until 2020 but anything can still happen and fans are not happy about the news. 

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