Al Sharpton glows with happiness while 'meeting his grandson for the first time' in adorable photos

Odette Odendaal
Jan 13, 2019
12:12 A.M.
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Bursting with pride, Al Sharpton shared the first time he held his grandson in his arms while congratulating his daughter Dominique and son in law Marcus’ on the arrival of their first child.


Al Sharpton is well known as the MSNBC television/radio talk show host for ‘PoliticsNation’ since 2011, but perhaps better known as the somewhat controversial political activist hard at work combating racial prejudice and injustice.

In one of the pics Al posted two weeks ago he is all dressed up in a striped suit and white shirt and tie. Al smiled broadly as he looked down on his grandson while holding him. Al captioned the photos:

“Meeting my grandson for the first time. Welcome to the world Marcus Al Sharpton Bright, congratulations to my daughter Dominique and my son in law Marcus.”


Having always been serious about making a change, Al established the National Youth Movement in 1971. 

Al is known for his flair for the dramatic and brings media attention to his causes. His ambitions also saw him run for mayor of New York, run for Senate, and as a candidate for president.

To many in the country, Al is a hero that will go to prison for his cause. The former President of the United States, Barack Obama spoke of Al as “the voice of the voiceless and a champion for the downtrodden.”


When Al Sharpton excitedly shared that he was going to become a grandfather, it gave him another perspective; it renewed his resolve to fight the good fight. Al wants to leave a better world behind than what he got and said:

“I worry that my grandson will have fewer rights than I do.”


While Al fights for a better world, he is sure to make time for his new grandson Markus. His daughter Dominique and husband, also Markus, is elated by the arrival of their first.

The couple had wasted no time in growing their own little family as the couple wed in Queens on October 15, 2017. A few short months later Dominique fell pregnant. Now they are officially a family of three.


On her wedding day Dominique felt emotional, and even more so after seeing her father, Al, after she got all dressed up in her beautiful  ballroom style wedding dress, as Domonique elaborated:

"My favorite memory was seeing my dad for the first time as a bride before walking down the aisle. We both broke out into an almost uncontrollable cry, and I didn't want to let him go. We quickly got ourselves together, and he placed my arm in his and proceeded to walk me towards the big double doors.”


Happily married and now with a beautiful baby boy in their lives she said the best marriage advice she had ever received was “to know that our relationship and marriage has to be controlled by us and communication is love and love sustains a marriage."

In August 2018, Al made a mistake on his show, ‘PoliticsNation,’ that the media will not let him forget anytime soon. As a topic, he discussed Trump’s frequent insults to people of color.


Trump received major backlash after he referred to the for White House aide, Omarosa Manigault Newman, a “dog.”

He concluded a fiery speech with words from his late friend Aretha Franklin, and wrote, “show some R-E-S-P-I-C-T, and the next time you get a black woman and a beagle confused, remember this: I got you.”