Kate Middleton 'flashed her bottom' at boys during her college years, a resurfaced video says

Jan 14, 2019
06:49 P.M.
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A documentary reported about juvenile mischief carried out by the Duchess of Cambridge during her boarding school days.


According to “Kate Middleton: Biography,” the Duchess once flashed her bottom at the boys outside her window, as informed by Claudia Joseph, one of her peers at Marlborough College.

Joseph further revealed that Middleton was so popular for her mischief that she earned the nickname of “Kate Middlebum” at the school.


Royal author Christopher Andersen further made a claim that she indulged in several such behaviors as part of her “mischievous streak.”

As per the documentary, Middleton arrived at the Marlborough College midway through the academic year in 1996. She seemed low on confidence and looked “kind of gangly, tall, and awkward.”


She joined the college after leaving an all-girls boarding school in Berkshire, Downe House, because of constant bullying.

However, she slowly started growing more confident, which started showing in the way she did her hair or used makeup. Eventually, she also got involved in the aforementioned mischiefs.


The documentary further reported that Middleton was often at the top of the “Fit List,” prepared by boys. But she did not have as many relationships as many of her peers.

One of her friends from those days revealed that Middleton was “saving herself” for someone special while she was at college.


After she finished her college in July 2000, she joined the prestigious St. Andrews University. There she eventually met her future husband, Prince William.

Middleton and William dated each other during their time at the university before parting their ways for a brief period of time. In 2007, they reunited and finally tied the wedding knot in 2011.

Recently, new reports regarding how the couple actually met each other emerged, claiming that the popular story of the Cambridges attending the same university, dating each other, and falling in love might not be completely true.