Gabby Union's 'shady baby' gives serious side eye while wearing pink headwrap in recent photo

Kaavia James Wade, Gabrielle Union’s daughter, has earned the hearts of fans all over social media with her hilarious facial expressions at only 2-months-old. The adorable tot, nicknamed “shady baby” by her parents, has already over 400k followers on her Instagram account.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade struggled to conceive a child for years until they finally decided to use a surrogate. As a result, they welcomed daughter Kaavia James into the world on November 7, and the proud parents can’t stop gushing about their miracle baby on social media.

They were so excited to share their girl with the world that they created an Instagram account to share pics of Kaavia. What they probably didn’t expect was for their daughter to be the source of so many hilarious facial expressions, which earned her the nickname of “shady baby” and the praise of thousands of fans.


In one of the most recent pics, a close up of Kaavia shows the girl rocking a bright pink headwrap while giving a major side eye off-camera, an expression that is now her signature, as has been replicated in many other of her pics.

“Whatchu talkin bout Willis?! That's not Abraham! #shadybaby,” the pic was captioned, referencing the catchphrase popularized by Gary Coleman on his role as Arnold Jackson in the series “Diff'rent Strokes.”

Fans took over the comment section to gush about baby Kaavia, with most of them finding her expressions highly “relatable” and others merely stating how beautiful she is and how much she resembles her father.

@_miamiia: Kaavia is a Monday morning mood, and she doesn’t even know it lol.”

@lilcop_1: Her facial expressions are hilarious.”

@miss_a_artise: She looks just like her Daddy. I think it’s gonna change though. She is so adorable.”


After Kaavia’s birth, Union and Wade opened about the struggles they faced to conceive and the long journey they went through before deciding to try other methods to bring a child into the world.

Union, 45, revealed that she had eight or nine miscarriages, but she kept trying and making her body go through intensive treatments, never losing hope.

However, it was Wade who had to step in and remind Gabrielle that, without her, the family wouldn’t be complete. The Miami Heat player said on an exclusive video of the behind the scenes of Kaavia’s birth:

“You know people kind of get this perception that, especially someone who is an actress or a celebrity or whatever the case may be, uses a surrogate because they are lazy. Because they didn't want to carry it, mess their bodies up. But for us when it got to the point where it was dangerous.”

Union added on the caption of the clip: “Every family is unique. How each family is created and comes together is special. Kaavia James Union Wade journey into our arms was long and at times brutal. There were heartbreaks that nearly broke us and streams of tears that turned into raging rivers.”

But in the end came baby Kaavia, and with her, a whole bunch of new experiences to the fan favorite couple. 

Gabby and Dwyane couldn't be happier with their baby girl, and fans are more than grateful for getting an insight into little Kaavia's life. 

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