New migrant caravan is leaving Honduras for a journey to the US border

A group of hundreds of Honduran migrants has started its long journey towards the U.S. and Donald Trump is already onto it.

It is believed that the caravan began its trek on Monday, January 14, 2019, hoping to be able to enter American soil.

Trump took to his official Twitter page to address the news, arguing that only a wall or a steel barrier would stop the group from infiltrating the U.S.

The President remains determined not to allow migrants to cross the border, even though some of them hope that he will have a change of heart sometime soon.

The Hondurans reportedly set out from the violent city of San Pedro Sula, waving Honduran flags and walking together in a journey that will, most likely, take them weeks, perhaps even months.


According to some of the men and women in the caravan, they are trying to escape poverty, as well as gangland violence, and start a brand new life in America.

Darwin Perez, a 24-year-old migrant, revealed that he was 'determined to find a good job in the United States,' an objective shared by several of his peers.


Perez is fully aware that the path ahead is quite treacherous, but hopes that 'Trump's heart might soften' by the time the group reaches the Mexico-U.S. border.

There is always room for hope, but the truth is that those that were able to reach the border have been suffering quite a lot while trying to enter U.S. soil.


Hundreds of Central American migrants have experienced hunger, cold, dehydration, medical issues and even had tear gas sprayed over them by the U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Some of the people affected were women and children, which proves how relentless the authorities have been when it comes to following the orders they were given by the President.

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