Michael Strahan invites the Clemson Tigers to a real champion's dinner of lobster and caviar

Former football player Michael Strahan is eager to give the Clemson Tigers a proper celebratory meal for their big win. 

Strahan made the offer on Tuesday's episode of "Good Morning America." Co-host Sara Haines was also on board, suggesting what meals they could give the team. 

The gesture comes after President Donald Trump gave the team fast food during their White House visit earlier this week. Many found that the team deserved much more for winning the national title. 

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Strahan was among those appalled by the burger and fries meal. He instead appealed to anyone to cook the meal. Strahan said he would provide lobster or whatever the players wanted. 

He said: 

“Whoever can make it, we’ll hook you up with lobster. … Whatever you want, we’re going to take care of you. We’re going to give you the proper meal that you deserve because that was one great game, a great accomplishment.”

Sara Haines cheerfully suggested they have caviar. When she said it's expensive, Strahan opted to pay for the meal himself. 

He's not the only celebrity figure to make the kind act, however. Wife of basketball star Steph Curry is also offering the Clemson Tigers a better meal. 

Ayesha Curry, a chef herself, owns two restaurants. She tweeted: 

"@eatatsmoke will gladly feed the Clemson Tigers any day. A real feast and celebration. No 10cent dipping sauces on silver platters." 

Another restaurant executive who admittedly doesn't care for football also joined in. 

Nick Kokonas took to Twitter as well: 

"I could care less about college football. But I'm personally inviting the Clemson Tigers team and coaches to Chicago to experience what an actual celebration dinner should be."

He added: 

"I'm not joking. Someone let them know what The Alinea Group does. It'll be worth it@ClemsonTigers"

And someone totally unassociated with food or football also urged the team to join him for a meal. Rapper Quavo invited them to his label's headquarters. 

He tweeted: 

"I wanna show Clemson Tigers and POTUS how champs are supposed to be treated. Y'all welcome to come by the QC Headquarters anytime." 

Trump's fast food banquet resulted from the ongoing government shutdown. The President himself covered the meal due to lack of staff and finances.

Regardless of his excuse though, the internet was unimpressed, some outright disgusted, by what he did. After boasting about the serving of "McDonald's, Wendy's, & Burger King," Trump was roasted on Twitter. 

CBS's Barrett Salee called the occasion "one of the most bizarre White House visits of all-time." Others saw it as an insult to the players. 

The players assuredly deserve a good meal regardless of whether or not they enjoyed the french fries. We hope they take up at least one of the generous offers from those who mean well. 

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